Truck hits four cars waiting at tollgate after brake failure [Video]

Heavy motor vehicles are often involved in accidents 0n the highways. In most cases, it is the brake failures on these heavy vehicles that cause accidents. This accident from Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh shows a truck crashing into multiple cars that were waiting for their turn at the toll gate. The incident was caught live on the CCTV installed at the tolls.

The footage shows vehicles waiting at the toll while a truck rams into the vehicles. According to the reports, the trucks ripped through three vehicles. The truck driver lost control of the vehicle after the brake failure. There is no information on why the brakes failed.

The local reports also claim that no one got injured in the incidents. However, the vehicles that were rammed by the truck were heavily damaged. The truck stopped by the impact. The footage also shows people scrambling around after the accident.

One cannot save themselves from such an accident. However, you can be vigilant and keep an eye around to be cautious. While waiting at the toll gates, choose the lanes on the left-hand side as most heavy vehicles choose to take the lanes towards the right. Except for putting on seatbelts and choosing a safe vehicle, you cannot do much in such situations.

Why brakes of heavy vehicles fail?

Truck hits four cars waiting at tollgate after brake failure [Video]

Most trucks and heavy vehicles use Air Brakes. The air brakes make use of compressed air. The engine of the heavy vehicle is used to run a compressor that fills compressed air into the multiple tankers. This compressed air is later used to apply the brakes.

Many truckers switch off their engine to save fuel on the downhill. Shutting off the engine means that the air compressor stopped working too. While most trucks do not have electronic power steering, they do use the engine power for the brakes.

Overloading vehicles is a common problem in India. Most commercial vehicles are overfilled with goods and it becomes a nuisance on the roads. Overloading puts extra stress on the engine too and the life of the engine itself comes down by a great deal. Also, an overloaded vehicle tends to break down more often on the road and needs frequent replacement of critical parts.

While there are mechanisms in place to keep a check on overloaded vehicles, they do not work very well. We get to see many such overloaded trucks and heavy vehicles on the roads that become a great threat to the other motorists on the road.