Truck hits Skoda Kushaq and Hyundai Venue: Here’s the result [Video]

Speeding heavy vehicles is one of the primary reasons behind the high number of accidents across India. Here is one such accident reported in Delhi. The accident got recorded on the dashboard camera.

The accident was caused by a truck failing to stop entirely on time. The dashboard camera footage shows the latest Hyundai Venue facelift waiting at a traffic signal when a Skoda Kushaq reaches and stops behind the car. However, a speeding truck fails to stop in time and crashes into the Skoda Kushaq. The Kushaq crashed into the Hyundai Venue waiting at the traffic signal.

The impact from the truck caused both cars to sustain some damage. While the rear-end and front-end of the Skoda Kushaq absorbed most of the impact, we cannot see any damage on the Venue in this video. There were passengers sitting in the rear seat of the Skoda Kushaq as well but no one was injured. All the passengers of the Hyundai Venue also came out safely without any injuries.

Truck hits Skoda Kushaq and Hyundai Venue: Here’s the result [Video]

While it is impossible to completely prevent accidents from occurring, one can exercise caution and remain vigilant to minimize the risks. When waiting at toll gates, it is advisable to choose lanes on the left-hand side, as heavy vehicles often opt for lanes on the right. Wearing seatbelts and selecting a safe vehicle are essential safety measures, but in certain situations, there may be limited actions one can take to avoid accidents.

Why brakes of heavy vehicles fail?

Air brakes are commonly used in trucks and heavy vehicles. These brakes rely on compressed air, which is generated by a compressor connected to the vehicle’s engine. The compressed air is stored in multiple tanks and is later utilized to apply the brakes.

To save fuel while traveling downhill, many truckers choose to turn off their engines. However, by doing so, the air compressor ceases to function. Although most trucks do not have electronic power steering, they utilize the engine power to operate the brakes.

Overloading of vehicles is a prevalent issue in India. Commercial vehicles are often overloaded with goods, leading to congestion on the roads. Overloading not only puts additional strain on the engine but also significantly shortens its lifespan. Moreover, overloaded vehicles tend to break down more frequently and require frequent replacement of critical components.

Despite the presence of mechanisms aimed at monitoring overloaded vehicles, their effectiveness leaves much to be desired. It is quite common to encounter numerous overloaded trucks and heavy vehicles on the roads, posing a significant threat to other motorists.

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