Truck in front of Royal Enfield is the scariest example of wrong side driving we’ve seen this month [Video]

Driving on the wrong side of the road is a common practice in India. It’s pretty easy to find people driving on the wrong side to save a few minutes and/or some fuel. While this has always been a cause of concern, driving on the wrong side of the road has pretty much become a norm in India. So much so that such practices can be seen even on our highways, where the risks involved are much higher.

Seen above is a video from Tamil Nadu that shows the near-death experience of a Royal Enfield rider. This video has been captured on the rider’s action camera, who can be even seen having a smile of relief seconds after he saved himself from getting hit by the wrongly driven truck.

Actually, the rider can be seen making his way through the traffic on what seems to be a fairly uncongested highway. The video starts with him overtaking a slower-moving Mahindra Quanto. Next, he gets ready to overtake a truck that is driving almost in the middle of the road. He speeds up to start the overtaking maneuver.

By then, the truck moves a bit to the side, only to make way for an oncoming truck driving on the wrong side of the road! Meanwhile, the RE rider has already made its move and starts with the overtaking process. To his horror, he finds a fast-moving truck coming from the opposite direction. Thanks to his quick reflexes, the motorcyclist just about manages to save himself from getting hit by the rashly driven truck.

Of course, he is shaken by this and slows down after saving himself from the wrongly-driven oncoming truck. He looks back at his friend, who is riding pillion, to find another shaken soul who’s thanking his stars for getting saved from a mishap. The menace of driving on the wrong side of the road is getting out of hands, really. We feel the traffic police should get more stringent and take all the necessary measures to curb this nuisance. Driving on the opposite of the road is risky for everybody. The above video is the latest (and among the more horrific) examples of this.