Truck loses brakes on Mumbai-Pune expressway, crashes into 10 vehicles [Video]

Another accident caused by a truck caused injuries to six people. The major collision on the Mumbai-Pune expressway in Raigad district around 12:55 pm left a lot of mangled car bodies as well. The incident happened close to Khopoli Exit.

According to the police, the at around 12:55 pm on Thursday, the traffic on the Mumbai-Pune expressway came to a halt. The truck driver lost of the control over his vehicle and crashed into 10 vehicles.

While the exact details of the accident remains unknown. The brakes of the truck failed and the driver lost control of the vehicle due to the speed. Since Mumbai-Pune expressway is made on Ghat sections, it is highly likely that the accident happened over a downhill section.

The truck crashed into the cars on the expressway causing a pile-up. As per the police, no major injuries were reported. All the passengers involved in the accident were safe and were shifted to a hospital for check-up. The police later cleared the site of the crash to restore the movement of the traffic.

Brake failure is common

This is not the first brake failure incident involving a truck. We have seen multiple such incidents in the past. Earlier this year, a truck crashed into four vehicles waiting at a toll gate. The brakes of the truck had failed but the driver could not stop it in time.

According to local reports, no injuries were sustained in the incidents, but the vehicles that were struck by the truck suffered extensive damage. The force of the impact caused the truck to come to a stop, as seen in the footage. Following the accident, individuals can be observed frantically moving around the scene.

Why brakes of trucks fail?

Truck loses brakes on Mumbai-Pune expressway, crashes into 10 vehicles [Video]

Air brakes are commonly used in heavy vehicles and trucks, utilizing compressed air stored in multiple tanks which is then used to apply the brakes. The engine of the vehicle powers the compressor which fills the tanks with compressed air.

Some truck drivers choose to switch off their engine when driving downhill to save fuel, however, this also means that the air compressor stops working. Although electronic power steering is not commonly used in trucks, engine power is utilized for the brakes.

Overloading of commercial vehicles is a prevalent issue in India, resulting in a nuisance on the roads. The added weight from the excess goods puts extra stress on the engine, decreasing its lifespan and increasing the likelihood of critical parts requiring frequent replacement. Despite efforts to monitor overloaded vehicles, they continue to pose a threat to other motorists on the road. Overloaded trucks and heavy vehicles can frequently be seen on the roads.