Truck Rear-Ends Hyundai Exter On Highway: Here’s The Result [Video]

Truck rear-ends Exter

People driving heavy vehicles should be extremely careful on the road, especially when they are driving a loaded vehicle. There are several examples of truck drivers who do otherwise, often driving rashly, which doesn’t end very well in most cases. Here, we have a video where a truck rear-ended a Hyundai Exter on an Indian highway.

The video was shared by Nikhil Rana on his YouTube channel, originally posted by another vlogger. The exact location where this accident happened is not known at the moment. In this video, we see a Hyundai Exter being rear-ended by a truck on a highway, with shattered glass from the rear windshield on the road.

The front of the entry-level SUV from Hyundai has also been damaged in the crash, as the Exter crashed into the divider on the highway. The front of the SUV was on the divider while the rear of the Exter was resting on the front bumper of the truck. The rear right door of the Exter had a major dent, and the front of the SUV looks damaged too.

It doesn’t look like a high-speed crash, and the micro SUV managed to hold its shape well. The build quality of the vehicles is something that many customers have been considering lately while buying a new car. During the launch of the Exter, Hyundai had mentioned that they worked extensively on improving the build quality of the vehicle. Only the bumper, headlight, rear door, and tailgate have suffered damages in this case.

We have seen several videos of Hyundai Exter crashes, but this is probably the major one. It looks like all the occupants in the Exter escaped the crash without any major injuries. It is still not clear whether the Hyundai Exter driver brake-checked in front of the truck or if the truck driver was driving rashly on the highway.

Truck Rear-Ends Hyundai Exter On Highway: Here’s The Result [Video]
Truck rear-ends Exter

The truck is also seen in the rightmost lane, which is usually used to overtake other vehicles. It is quite possible that the truck driver lost control while overtaking another vehicle. It is also possible that the Exter might have changed lanes without looking at the ORVM while the truck was overtaking.

Heavy vehicles like trucks, in this case, should always stick to the left lane on the highway, which is dedicated to slow-moving or heavy vehicles. The middle lane is for fast vehicles, and the rightmost lane is the overtaking lane. Once you are done overtaking a vehicle, change lanes and come back to your respective lane.

Lane driving is something that many Indian drivers lack, and that often creates a chaotic situation on the road, especially during peak traffic hours. If you are caught behind a truck on a highway, always maintain a safe distance.

If you intend to overtake, ensure that the truck driver has spotted your vehicle before overtaking. Also, never slow down in front of a heavy vehicle after overtaking, as the stopping distance of such loaded trucks is more than a regular car, which could end up in an accident.