Truck reverses into unfortunate scooter rider; Absolute panic follows [Video]

Reversing a vehicle is always tricky, and the whole equation changes when a vehicle has to reverse on to a main road. Here is one such crash caught on CCTV, where a Honda Dio rider crashes into a reversing Tata 407 pick up truck. And absolute panic follows the collision. Here, take a look.

The Tata 407 driver is reversing the pick-up truck on to a main road, which has a slight curve leading up to it. A Honda Dio automatic scooter rider is approaching the pick-up truck from behind, on the left-most lane of the road. The Dio rider is in the blind spot of the reversing pick up truck, which does not have a spotter on the right seat.

The truck does not spot the Dio and keeps on backing on to the road. The road is wet and the Dio rider is too fast to brake in time. The reversing truck smashes into the scooter rider, and the collision makes the rider lose balance and hit the road quite hard.

In panic, the truck driver gets off the vehicle to check on the rider but fails to securely stop the truck. The driverless truck continues to reverse, and finally comes to rest after it’s rear wheels go into a gutter, in the process narrowly missing an approaching Mahindra Thar, which just manages to reverse in time and avoid the truck.

There are multiple things that led to this crash,

  1. The truck did not have a spotter on the right seat, to guide the driver while reversing on to the main road. This once again underscores the need for heavy vehicles to have a spotter, or ‘cleaner’ as they’re called in India.
  2. The Dio rider continues to ride on hoping that the reversing truck would stop for him. He fails to realize that he’s in the blind spot of the truck, which means that there’s no way for the truck driver to have spotted him.
  3. Of course, the onus is on the reversing vehicle to make sure that the maneuver is safe but it’s quite important for approaching vehicles to slow down adequately when a reversing vehicle is spotted.

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