Truck vs ISI Helmets: What can happen [Video]

In India, road accidents are very common. It is the two-wheeler riders who are majorly involved in accidents and since most of them do not wear helmets, the accidents turn fatal. In India, the government has made it mandatory to wear and sell only ISI marked helmets to ensure safety but that has made many imported helmets illegal to use. Here is a “strength test” of ISI helmets by Mr Indian Hacker who uses a truck to crash the helmets.

In the video, Mr Indian Hacker uses a truck without a body for the strength test of the helmets. He shows that there are helmets of different price bands starting from Rs 500 to Rs 2,500. There are various helmets available at the roadside retailers and official retailers as well.

For the test, Mr Indian Hacker puts different helmets under the tyre of the truck. The weight of the truck obviously crashes all the helmets regardless of their price. However, a few helmets slip from under the tyre of the truck because of their design.

While the video says that it is a safety feature and “the design of the helmet is as such that it will remove itself from further load and getting crushed,” it is not true. The scenarios do not match real-life scenarios. If there is a person inside the helmet, it will be impossible to replicate a similar situation where the helmet gets out of the path of the truck by itself. So everything explained in the video is wrong.

Helmets are not designed to save you from trucks

Truck vs ISI Helmets: What can happen [Video]

Helmets are not designed to save you from trucks running over your heads. Instead, they are designed to save your head from trauma. The helmets have multiple layers of protection including the outer shell.

The sole work of the helmet is to save the head from injuries, abrasion and trauma in an accident. The layers absorb the impact flawlessly and make sure that the head is safe. The helmets would need to be a lot heavier to save you from trucks running over.

In fact, makers of high-end helmets advertise the feather lightweight of their products. A heavy helmet can cause a lot of trouble including shoulder pain and neck pain.

Always wear a helmet

It is mandatory in India to wear a helmet. While many people wear one, they do not properly strap the helmet, making it useless. Always make sure that you use the straps properly to secure the helmet to the head. Helmets will not save you from trucks running over but they will save you in a lot of other situations.