Truck with 448 wheels, carrying over 1000 tons still on the road to destination after 11 months [Video]

Heavy vehicles like trucks and trailers are quite difficult to drive in the city during rush hours. That is why many cities have a rule that allows the movement of such vehicles at night when there is less traffic. We have seen trucks carrying all sort of goods from one part of the country to other. If it is travelling to other state, it usually takes couple of days. A truck driver can easily cover over 500 km in couple of days. But here we have a truck that has been on the roads for almost 11 months and has still not reached its destination.

The video has been uploaded by LUNA RAM DARJI on their YouTube channel. The truck and trailer seen in the video has been travelling from Mundra Port in Gujarat to Pachpadra refinery in Rajasthan. The distance between these two places is around 540 km which would normally take around 11-12 hours to cover. The truck seen here has been on the road for last 11 months. The reason why it is still on the road is because of the object that they are carrying. They are carrying a boiler for the Pachpadra refinery in Rajasthan.

The boiler is huge and weighs over 1000 tons. We don’t usually see the movement of such large objects on the road. special equipments are used to transport such objects as normal truck and trailer would simply break down. The trailer used to transport this boiler is so long that it has almost 448 tyres. As the trailer and the object being transported is huge and heavy, the truck used for this purpose is also different. Most probably, they would be using a Volvo FMX series heavy duty truck which is apt for such operation. It boiler looks too heavy, so it is possible that there are multiple trucks pushing and pulling the trailer.

Truck with 448 wheels, carrying over 1000 tons still on the road to destination after 11 months [Video]

Moving such large objects on our roads is a challenge. There is a crew that guides the driver and clears the traffic. There are couple of pilot vehicles that clear the road and traffic before the trailer actually arrives. The crew consists of almost 25 people and there are people on the trailer to ensure that the movement is smooth. They needs coordinate with the electricity department to ensure that there is no power in the wires when they are crossing through areas where the wires are lying low. Only after clearing the wires the truck can go ahead. The video also mentions that they cannot take this truck and trailer on long bridges because, the bridge might not be able to handle the weight. In suhch cases, they have to create a bypass for the trailer next to the bridge to move forward. Because of all these reasons, it is taking them so much time. They travel for almost 10-15 km on a daily basis and at times, they can’t even move forward because of all these problems. The video mentions that it would take them at least one and half months more to reach their destination.