Tug of War contest: This is what it has done to a Bajaj Pulsar RS200 [Video]

Regulars here must’ve seen our posts on the ‘tug of war’ competitions between two or more motorcycles. These videos generally involve some popular models from Royal Enfield, KTM or from the Bajaj Pulsar range trying to outclass each other in a tug of war. While these videos are quite fun to watch, a tug of war between two or more vehicles can have some serious implications on the vehicle’s performance. Today, we have a video that shows a vlogger explaining the effect of these competitions on his Bajaj Pulsar RS200.

The video starts with the vlogger talking about the poor performance of his motorcycle. He goes on to say that his motorcycle is in such a bad shape that it can’t achieve speeds of more than 20 kmph. Of course, the reason for the really low performance is the excessive wear and tear caused by the many tug of war competitions this RS200 has participated in. The vlogger demonstrates the totally worn out clutch plates of his motorcycle. He is also required to change the engine oil of his motorcycle. In the video, he is shown purchasing two cans of Motul fully-synthetic engine oil for his motorcycle.

It’s really not surprising to see the totally worn out clutch plates of this Bajaj Pulsar RS200. A quick look at the vlogger’s video channel reveals that this Pulsar has been used to not only compete with multiple 125cc motorcycles in a tug of war competition but has also towed a tractor. Such stunts are bound to cause excessive wear on the clutch plates and faster deterioration of the engine oil. Using a motorcycle in a tug of war competition leads to a lot of stress on its clutch plates. Also, the high revving causes the engine oil to deteriorate faster. In the worst case scenario, it can also cause permanent damage to the engine’s internals.

A sure shot sign of worn out clutch plates is that the increase in acceleration is not in accordance with the increase in engine speed (RPM). This will also lead to a lower top speed and higher fuel consumption. At times, even the gearshifts will become quite hard. In case of a motorcycle with a kick-start, even the kick may start slipping. Hence, it’s in the best interests of the motorcycle to avoid participation in any activity that causes faster wear and tear to the motorcycle components.

Source – Suraj Verma on Youtube