This tuned Kia Seltos does 0-100 kmph in just 7.4 secs [Video]

The South Korean automaker Kia’s compact SUV Seltos has now become a household name in India and has seen tremendous success since its launch in 2019. Its handsome design, availability of ample features and numerous drivetrain options have contributed to this SUV’s increasing sales. The Seltos has also become one of the favorites of people who love modifying cars. Enthusiasts across the country have created some beautiful-looking Seltos’ and now they have also started working on performance upgrades.

Recently a video on YouTube was uploaded by Pratham Shokeen on his channel where he drives a tuned Kia Seltos. The presenter takes a walk around the white Kia Seltos and explains to the audience that what is standing in front of them is not an ordinary stock Seltos. He tells that this Seltos has been tuned and this is something that he was also planning to do on his personal Creta which also had the same engine and transmission. The Seltos in the video as told by Pratham is a 1.4 L Turbo GDI petrol engine model which comes equipped with a 7 speed dual clutch automatic engine.

He then tells that the Seltos has been tuned by Code6 and Autopsyche. Both of these tuners are some of the most professional and well-known tuners across the country. Following the introduction of the car the presenter then hops inside where he introduces the owner of the vehicle. He then proceeds to ask the owner what has been done to the vehicle and how he came to the decision of tuning his SUV. The owner replied that he bought the car in 2020 and at the time it was one of best and fastest new vehicles. Although with the launch of new cars like the Virtus, XUV 700 and others he felt that he needed an edge over them so he decided to tune the car.

This tuned Kia Seltos does 0-100 kmph in just 7.4 secs [Video]


The owner revealed that he went for the stage 1 tune from Code6 tuners which bumped the power and torque figures from 140 bhp and 242 Nm of torque to 170 bhp and 290 Nm of torque. He added that currently he only has a tune in the vehicle and later in stage 2 and 3 of the build of his Seltos he will go ahead with the replacement of downpipe and air filter. The presenter then tells the owner that before he decides to pull the trigger on downpipes and filter he should check if the tuners have a tune for the transmission control unit (TCU) because without the TCU tune there were reports of laggy shifts.

After beginning the drive the presenter then starts slowly and eventually picks up the speed. He tells that as he has driven the Creta with same specifications on stock form, he could not feel any difference in transmission. Although he was astonished with the acceleration after the tune. He said that from 20 to 140 the car feels power rich and picks up speed impressively. However past 140 it then becomes a little slow then the stock vehicle. Both the owner and presenter discussed that maybe swapping out the downpipes and filter will help the car with top-end performance.

Following the first drive the presenter then puts the car in sports mode and mashes the throttle. Both the owner and presenter than discuss about the tune from Code6. They said that the tune form Code6 was extremely reliable and not very aggressive. They further discussed that aggressive tunes can hurt the vehicles but this tune was optimum. Furthermore, talking about the mileage of the vehicle after the tune, the owner added that the mileage had a slight drop but he said that it could be due to driving style as well. They also performed a 0-100 kmph test and it came out to about to 7.4  seconds and from 0-140 kmph it was 14.2 seconds.


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