TV actors Rachana & Jeevan killed in Tata Safari SUV crash

Indian highways are known for their extremely notorious nature. They’re said to be the deadliest roads in the world. Two television artistes lost their lives in a deadly accident on early Thursday.

What exactly happened?

TV actors Rachana & Jeevan killed in Tata Safari SUV crash

Kannada TV serial artists, Rachna Gowda and Jeevan Suresh, lost their lives during a late night accident. The incident took place at 2 AM on the Bengaluru-Mangaluru Highway in Ramnagar.

The victims were travelling in a Tata Safari, and the actress was sitting on the front seat of the SUV while the actor was on the rear seat. The SUV travelling at high-speed collided against a mini truck parked on the side of the highway. There are no details about the actors wearing the seat belt during the crash.

From the pictures, it can be seen that the driver side of the SUV has been damaged completely. The impact seems to have happened on the A-pillar of the vehicle that caused the massive damage. The mini-truck must be high enough to let the SUV pass under it and caused such a heavy impact.

TV actors Rachana & Jeevan killed in Tata Safari SUV crash

The actors died on the spot while four others have been admitted to the hospital. There is no news about the whereabouts of the driver of the mini truck. Not wearing the seatbelt can be deadly. Even though the rear part of the vehicle looks intact, the passenger must have come forward and crushed the front-passenger on impact.

Vehicles parked on the highways

There have been numerous incidents that involve parked vehicles on the road. Such big trailers and bus park on the side of the road without any warning signage which causes a lot of confusion to the other drivers. Parked vehicles often catch drivers by surprise who ram into the parked vehicles after not realizing that they are stationary.

Many drivers also panic brake after discovering such parked vehicles at the last minute, causing the cars to go out of control. The situation worsens at night when visibility goes down. Many trucks and vehicles are left on the road after a breakdown.

Always be extra cautious about slow moving or parked vehicles on the road. One way of discovering if the vehicle is parked or moving is to see a fixed object like lamp post or tree beside it and see the relative motion between two.

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