TVS Akula 310cc sportsbike: 10 things you DON’T know about

TVS Motors has begun testing the Akula 310, a flagship sports bike that it will soon launch in the Indian market. There are many interesting things about this bike, some of them revolutionary. Here’s a wrap.

1. The Akula will be the first BMW-TVS bike to hit the Indian market.


TVS and BMW have joint hands in a bid to produce a lot of interesting bikes for the future. The first bike from this collaboration is the BMW G310R. Sadly, India will not be getting the bike with the BMW nameplate any soon. However, its TVS cousin is what will be coming to the Indian market. The bike was spied testing for the first time a few days ago and is expected to come next year. The Akula will have the same underpinnings as the G310R. This is an important platform for both the companies. The main aim of the collaboration is to produce sporty bikes between 200 cc and 500 cc.

2. TVS plans to stun the market with the Akula’s pricing.


Though the bike has a larger engine when compared to the KTM Duke RC 200, Rushlane is reporting that the Akula will be priced around Rs 1.5 lakhs. This means it will take on the RC 200 in terms of pricing which is phenomenal. This will surely give KTM sleepless nights.

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3. The Akula could be the first affordable bike to feature ram air injection.


TVS has already incorporated the ram air intake in the Apache 4V as a way to improve the cooling system and help them skip out on liquid cooling. However, the same could also be used to increase power as well and TVS may use this technology to improve the output figures of the Akula.

As you know, in an engine, air is sucked into the combustion chamber where fuel is also brought and the combustion takes place. In a normal bike, the air intake is located near the engine of the bike. This means that as the air comes in, it gets heated due to the heat from the engine. Hot air has lesser density which means it has lesser oxygen as well. Lesser oxygen means that it will result in a drop in power. In a ram air injection, the air intake is placed away from the engine allowing cooler air to enter the combustion chamber. Cooler air has higher density and more oxygen adding more power to the bike. This feature is mainly seen only on high end bikes. It will be very interesting if they do bring this technology into lower-end bikes.

4. Aluminum trellis frame makes it race-ready.


This bike will feature a similar kind of frame as that present in the Yamaha R15. The position of the frame is such that it has a low centre of gravity. This will make it a better handling bike. Since TVS is looking at this bike as a track focused one, the one aluminium chassis is surely going to help that. It will also be lighter and stiffer aiding track usage.

5. TVS has developed Akula’s suspension in the race track.


TVS in their introduction video of the Akula said that this one is a track focussed bike mainly. TVS already has 33 years of racing experience. This racing experience is what will be used to make the Akula a more sporty and agile bike. They want to take on the KTM RC models with this bike and that is a big thing. Since TVS has spent so much time on the track with the development of the Akula, it will certainly have great dynamics. Given that this bike is being built by an Indian manufacturer, it is a big deal.

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