TVS Apache 310 vs Harley Davidson Street 750 vs KTM Duke 390 in an epic DRAG [Video]

It’s no everyday that we get to see a newly launched sportsbike take on competition that’s a lot more powerful, and in this case, a whole lot more pricier. In a classic David vs Goliath match-up, a Youtuber called Ayush Verma put the TVS Apache 310 R against the Harley Davidson Street 750 in one drag race while the other had the KTM Duke 390 taking on the Harley Davidson Street 750. Some very interesting results emerged. We won’t blow your surprise. Here. watch the first video with Apache going against the Harley, and then the Harley vs the Duke.

As the video shows, the Apache 310 runs the Harley Davidson Street 750 very close. Throw in a few corners and the Apache is likely to be way ahead than the Harley. Well, that’s not surprising as the Apache is built with the race track and sharp handling in mind.

However, the Street 750 is more of a muscle-cruiser that loves to be ridden hard between traffic lights, and munch miles on the highway. So, the comparo isn’t really apt although it does show how quick the Apache 310 is, despite costing just one third (Rs. 2.05 lakhs) of the Harley Street 750, which is priced at Rs. 5.4 lakhs. Reason: Power to weight!

The above video shows the KTM Duke 390 flying past the Harley Davidson Street 750, and this could come as a shocker to many Harley owners as the Street 750 is among the faster, lighter Harleys out there. The KTM Duke 390 makes 44 Bhp-37 Nm, and weighs only 163 Kgs, while the Street 750 weighs 222 Kgs, and makes 47 Bhp-59 Nm from its 750 cc, V-Twin engine.

Again, it’s the better power-to-weight of the Duke (270 Bhp/ton) that makes it so quick. The Harley in comparison has a power to weight ratio of 243 Bhp/ton. In price terms, the Duke 390 costs Rs. 2.4 lakhs while the Harley is priced at Rs. 5.4 lakhs. In the second drag, the Harley finally beats the Duke thanks to its higher top speed.  Both motorcycles again, are aimed at completely different set of buyers.