This video explains how ‘Glide Through Technology’ works in TVS Apache motorcycles

TVS Apache series motorcycles are quite popular among motorcyclists. Just like Bajaj Pulsar, they have fan base and recently TVS introduced the updated BS6 range of their two wheelers in the market. The Apache is available in 160, 180, 200 and 310 versions. With an updated BS6 engine, TVS has also added a couple of new features to these motorcycles. One such feature that comes with Apache RTR 160, RTR 200 and RR 310 is the Glide Through Technology (GTT). What is this technology and how does it work? Here we have a video that shows how exactly this feature work in these motorcycles.

The video has been shared by iamabikerdotcom on their social media page. The video shows how this technology works in all the three motorcycles. It is basically a feature that allows rider to do smooth low speed ride in urban conditions without constantly upshifting or downshifting gears. The video says using this technology, in Apache 160 4V and Apache 200 4V the rider can slowly release the clutch in any of the first three gears and the bike will start moving forward without any hesitation. The rider does not have to give any throttle input and the bike will maintain a minimum speed required on the basis of gear chosen.

In the Apache RR 310, the same thing responds in a different way. We all know that BS6 Apache now comes with ride modes and the settings for Glide Through Technology is different for different modes. For example, if the rider is Sport and Track mode, this setting is available for just the first two gears whereas the same feature is available on all the gears if the rider chosen Urban or Rain mode. Buy motorcycle parts and accessories on Amazon

This video explains how ‘Glide Through Technology’ works in TVS Apache motorcycles

This feature will come in very handy for riders who regularly face traffic on their way to office or on a normal. The rider simply have to let go off the clutch lever without giving any accelerator and the bike will smoothly glide through the traffic without putting too much effort on the rider. This is something that a lot of riders who commute in city traffic will find very useful. Meanwhile, TVS has made some changes to the BS6 version of Apache series motorcycles. The changes include a revised headlamp, Bluetooth connectivity feature, BS6 compliant engine, ride modes (RR310) and a revised pricing as well.

Featured image courtesy MoTown