TVS Apache & Hero Karizma transformed into Suzuki Hayabusa for Rs 1.6 lakh

The Suzuki Hayabusa remains one of the favourites sports touring bikes in India. The Hayabusa’s appearance in a Bollywood movie ensured that it gained a cult status and currently is the most recognisable performance bikes on the streets of India. While the popularity of Hayabusa in India has ensured that the bike is locally assembled but the price tag on the bike remains out-of-budget for many enthusiasts. The Hayabusa comes to India as a Completely Knocked Down (CKD) product, which ensures a lower price tag than the CBU models but it costs Rs 13.75 lakh, ex-showroom, Delhi.

At this price, enthusiasts look out for different options of getting an experience of riding the Hayabusa. Well, one of the most popular ways of getting the Hayabusa experience is getting a replica model made. Here are two different Suzuki Hayabusa replica models based on two completely different bikes. One of them is the TVS Apache RTR while the other one is Hero Karizma. The video uploaded by Vampvideo shows both the bikes from all around and talks about the transformation job too.

Both the bikes get exactly the same looks and the headlamp setup is partitioned just like the original Hayabusa. The lower part of the headlamp gets projector headlamp. The fairing on the Karizma and the Apache are slightly different and the side body graphics are also quite different from each other.

Both the bikes get custom fairing, seats and the chassis is modified to give it a longer look. The rear panels and the tail lamp also mimic the original Hayabusa. According to the video, the exhausts on the replica Hayabusa are custom-made and the exhaust note can be tuned according to the preference of the buyer. It can be made louder if the customer wants. However, the sound remains that of a single-cylinder engine. It should be noted that the Suzuki Hayabusa is powered by a four-cylinder engine that sounds completely different from the single-cylinder motorcycles. Enthusiasts who love bikes would get to know that this is a replica model once the bike is started.

Hayabusa 1

The cost of the transformation job is Rs 1.6 lakh. Customers have to give a donor bike. According to the video, the transformation job can be done to any of the bikes except for the Royal Enfield and cruiser bikes like Bajaj Avenger due to their chassis. Apart from these two bikes, most of the bikes available in the market can be transformed into this replica model. The cost of the custom colour is extra while the donor bike has to be given by the customer too.