TVS Apache rider gets drunk Honda Dio rider BUSTED by the cops [Video]

Among the various road rules violations that happen on our roads, Drunk driving is perhaps one of the most serious offences and also the most life-threatening. Driving/ riding after having your belly filled with liquor is like driving without any control, which can turn into a tragic accident at any point. The Indian government has set up strict fines for drunk drivers in order to curb this practice. However, even after the combined effort of the government, traffic police, NGOs, publication and aware citizens, drunk driving is a common practice like several other traffic offences. Recently, two guys were filmed while they were swaying on a Honda Dio across the roads of Pune after having a few good drinks. Take a look at the video below by RIDERHOLIC which shows these guys on in action.

As seen in the video here, the two seemingly adult guys were full on boozed and still riding a scooter on busy roads. The guy who recorded the whole action was actually having a regular riding day until he spotted them performing their antics. He then followed them for quite a time, all the while filming their antics on his helmet-mounted action camera. They were riding on a bright yellow coloured Honda Dio scooter while being fully intoxicated.

The guys were under such tremendous influence of alcohol that the guy riding pillion was out of his senses for the most part of the video. He was resting his head on his friends’ shoulder and swaying mindlessly whenever the scooter switched lanes. The guy on the front seat of the scooter too was riding it without much care for the world, cutting lanes as per his mood and getting completely out of control a few times. They even had certain close shaves where they were saved by sheer luck if nothing else.

TVS Apache rider gets drunk Honda Dio rider BUSTED by the cops [Video]

At one point in the video, the guy driving the scooter couldn’t even balance the Dio with his feet when the traffic came to a short halt. He stayed on one foot for quite some time with the scooter tilted to one side in almost falling position. All this whilst in the middle of bustling traffic. The guy on the TVS Apache riding behind and filming all this then decided to call it a  day and get them stopped by cops on the next stop. He accelerates and reached the cops as soon as he sees them and immediately informs them about those two smartasses on the Honda Dio. The cops sprung to action instantly and tried stopping the scooter, which however resulted in a crash.

The Honda Dio guys were quite drunk and upon seeing the police, tried to get away but that, unfortunately, resulted in a crash. They were then brought in by the cops and were found to be quite drunk. Seeing the video, one can clearly understand that they were not only risking their lives out on the road but were a danger to a lot of other people who shared the road with them. This is the reason drunk driving is such a dangerous thing to do as it often results in the casualties of other innocents too.

TVS Apache rider gets drunk Honda Dio rider BUSTED by the cops [Video]

The government has made strict rules and imposed heavy fines on those who are found guilty of drunk driving. Any person who in his/her blood has alcohol exceeding 30 mg per 100 ml. of blood, detected in a test by a breath analyser is said to be driving under the influence or drunk driving. The same also applies to any person who is under the influence of a drug to such an extent as to be incapable of exercising proper control over the vehicle. The blood alcohol content (BAC) legal limit is 0.05% or 30mg alcohol in 100 ml blood. As per the Motor Vehicle Act fines from Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 10,000 and imprisonment from 6 months to 4 years can be awarded to the guilty.

What to do if you have consumed alcohol and have to reach somewhere else

  • Never drive a vehicle under the effect of alcohol, even if the amount you have consumed is quite less.
  • If you are with a fellow/fellows, ask the one who hasn’t any drinks to drive.
  • If you are alone or the whole group had a gala time-consuming drinks, it is always better to take a cab to home/ destination.
  • If you have a car/bike and worry about its safety while you go in a cab, call any friend relative who could take it away or at least park it at a safe spot.
  • If you have pre-planned a drinking session, it’s always better to park your vehicle in a safe place in the first place in order to avoid complications later