TVS Apache RR 310 rider has a NEAR miss at very high speed: Saved due to ABS

Speeds over 100 Kph are downright stupid and suicidal on Indian roads. And if you’re doing around 160 Kph on an Indian highway, it’s simply asking for it. A TVS Apache RR 310 rider would have probably learnt his lesson for life after having a near miss at over 150 Kph on an Indian highway. If not for the rider’s quick response, a lot of luck and of course, ABS, a severe crash was prevented. The video below will give you a complete picture of what exactly happened.

As is evident from the video, the TVS Apache RR 310 rider was doing speeds that are double the speed limit of 80 Kmph. In fact, the 80 Kmph speed limit is for cars on most Indian highways, and for bikes, it’s even lower – 60 Kmph. So, the biker was doing almost 2.5 times the speed limit, when another motorcyclist – on a commuter bike – simply cut across the highway at a junction. All this happens so quickly that you’ll miss it in the video in a blink of an eye. Luckily for the bikers, none of them actually crashed.

Who’s at fault here?

TVS Apache RR 310 rider has a NEAR miss at very high speed: Saved due to ABS

Both the bikers – the rider on the TVS Apache RR 310 who was doing an excessively high speed, and the commuter biker who decided to cut across the road disregarding oncoming traffic. While riding/driving on the Indian highway, be advised that there could be anyone cutting across a junction/gap in the median. From trucks trying to get to the other side of the road to stray cattle, you must be prepared for the unexpected at gaps in the medians/junctions. So, for your own safety, SLOW DOWN at such spots, and quickly scan your surroundings before proceeding.

ABS is truly a life saver!

In slow motion, you can see that the biker on the Apache RR 310 tries to brake while steering away from the commuter bike rider who cut across the highway. At such a high speed, grabbing brakes in an emergency would most certainly lead to an uncontrollable skid. But with dual channel ABS, the ability to shed speed rapidly even while making a quick direction change is possible, and this is possibly what saved the day for both the motorcylists involved in this near-miss.

Meanwhile, the rider of the TVS Apache RR 310 had some really quick reflexes to swerve away from the commuter bike rider. While that’s something good, the speed at which he had to pull this swerve is what made the whole incident so dangerous. Had the Apache rider been at a more sane speed of around 80 Kph, he would have been able to spot the biker who cut across the highway much earlier, thereby increasing the overall level of safety.