TVS Apache RR 310S motorcycle: 10 most INTERESTING features

TVS has launched the Apache RR 310S in India, the new flagship of the manufacturer. The bike is priced at Rs. 2.05 lakh, ex-showroom and gets many exciting new features. Here are ten most exciting features of the TVS Apache RR 310S.

Unique cooling system

Most manufacturers put either an engine oil-cooler or a radiator that keeps the whole engine block cool. The new TVS Apache RR310 S comes with oil cooler plus liquid engine cooling system.

The oil cooler also utilises the same radiator used by the liquid-cooling system. The dual cooling systems will keep the temperature under control even when the engine is constantly used at higher RPMs.

Most slippery bike in the segment

TVS has done aerodynamic development in the wind tunnel for a long time. The result is the coefficient drag of just 0.26, making it the best in the class bike when it comes to aerodynamics. This allows the bike to be quick and give it better mileage too.

RAM air

TVS has added RAM air system to the bike that utilises smartly designed vents at the front. The vents throw the air directly at the air-intake of the engine providing a better air flow, which in turn translates into better performance.

Bi-LED projector lamps

The Apache RR310 S gets all-LED lights. The headlamp is a split pod set-up and each gets a projector lens with LED. Unlike other European bikes with twin-projectors, the Apache RTR 310S turns on both the headlamps during low beam that gives it a much better look and symmetry.

Rear Lift Protection System

Apart from the standard dual channel ABS, the TVS Apache RR 310S is also equipped with RLP. The system uses a Gyroscope sensor that detects the rear wheel lift under hard braking situations. If the system senses the wheel lifting up, it releases the pressure on the front brake to make sure that the rear wheel does not lifts up.

Reverse Inclined Engine

The single-cylinder engine that powers the Apache RR 310S is mounted at 180 reverse. This allows a longer swingarm to be accommodated in a short wheelbase bike. The result lower centre of gravity and better weight distribution making the Apache a much better handling bike.

Race-inspired console

The vertically mounted console of the Apache RR 310S is inspired by racing bikes. It gets as many as fifteen functions that provide the rider with all the information he needs. The console shows lap times, gear shift indicators, top-speed, 0-60 timing and much more.

Heavy duty clutch

The new Apache RR 310S uses a 6-speed transmission. To transfer the power the transmission, TVS uses an 8-plate wet clutch system. The extra number plates provide a more accurate biting point that is expected in the track-focussed bikes. Most bikes in the segment use 6-plate wet clutch system.

Petal disc brakes

The TVS Apache RR 310S gets drilled petal discs in front and rear. Such disc brakes look great but also have a working mechanism. Petal disc and drilled parts increase the surface area of contact with the air, which helps to cool down the disc brake quicker. KTM RC390 gets only drilled disc brakes while Bajaj Pulsar RS200 gets drilled petal disc brakes.

Shark inspired design

The Akula concept on which the Apache RR 310S is based on carried a lot of design elements inspired by the shark. The production version retains a few parts of shark design like the side fins. TVS calls it the Gill vents and it has been designed to throw the hot air coming out of the engine away from the rider’s legs.