TVS Apache RR310: Watch how ABS saves rider’s life

Whether it comes to following the traffic rules or the safety ones, Indian riders and drivers are notorious for breaking them. One of the rules which are broken the most is that of breaking the speed limits on both city and highway roads, which sometimes can lead to fatal crashes. A TVS Apache RR 310 rider managed to escape one such serious accident and got a boon for life.

Attached here is a video, in which it can be seen that a TVS Apache RR 310 rider is riding on a highway at speeds of 150-160 kph. These speeds are way more than the permissible limit of 80 kph on Indian highways for cars and 60 kph for bikers. It seems that the rider wanted to explore the potential of his high revving and speeding machine to the fullest.

However, at a point in a video, another motorcyclist who was riding a Hero HF Deluxe comes across his way out of nowhere. Luckily, thanks to the ABS and presence of mind of the Apache RR 310 rider, he managed to quickly manoeuvre his motorcycle and prevented the crash to happen.

Who is at the fault here?

Blaming only one of the two riders for this incident might be wrong, as both the riders of the TVS Apache RR 310 as well as Hero HF Deluxe are equally responsible. While the rider has to be praised for the fact that he was riding with full gears on a high-speed highway, the fact that he was riding way beyond the speed limit of 60 kph is strong enough to put him at fault.

At the same time, the rider of the Hero HF Deluxe was not even wearing a helmet and casually tried to make a turn on the highway without giving any turn signal or checking the vehicles coming across his way.

Importance of ABS and quick reflexes while riding

It is the reason why the Indian Government has set up speed limits on highways – to ensure your safety. At lower speeds, it is easier to accelerate and decelerate and distance from other riders or drivers.

Here, ABS played a huge part in preventing the crash to happen. At such high speeds, making a quick move and suddenly applying brakes usually leads to loss of control, if the motorcycle misses out on ABS. The TVS Apache RR 310 comes with a dual-channel ABS as standard, and here, in this case, the quick manoeuvre made by the rider turned to be safe only because the ABS kicked in just at the right moment.

The quick reflexes and instant judgement of the rider of the Apache RR 310 also needs a special mention here. However, at the same time, his sanity wouldn’t have been questioned, if he was not riding rashly at such high speeds that are not safe in Indian motoring conditions.

Shantonil Nag

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