TVS Apache RR310, BMW G310 R & G310 GS: Who should buy what?

The TVS-BMW partnership has finally reaped the rewards and we now have three bikes out of the Indo-German partnership. BMW Motorrad finally launched the long-awaited 310 twins in India and there are quite a few prospective buyers who are confused between the three re-engineered bikes. If you are one of such customers, here is a something that will help you.

Want a striking-looking bike?

TVS Apache RR 310

There is no doubt in the fact that the BMW twins look great but the shark-inspired TVS Apache RR 310 looks kickass! It is the only fully-faired bike out of the three and looks very aggressive. The TVS Apache RR 310 is the first fully faired bike from the brand and it turns a lot of heads. Sure, many bike enthusiasts will be enthralled after spotting the BMW twins on the road but they are not as magnetic as the fully-faired TVS Apache RR 310. If you want a bike that can turn heads on the road, the Apache RR 310 is for you.

People who are looking for badge-value

BMW twins

People who keep brands in high-regard and want an internationally established brand should go for the BMW twins. There is no doubt that BMW has a much bigger presence in the global markets than the TVS and people instantly recognise the brand. If you are badge-conscious and want something that will make you popular among the brand appreciators, the BMW twins would be the apt choice.

People on a budget

TVS Apache RR 310

Even though all the three bikes offer almost a similar level of equipment and technology, BMW bikes carry a much higher price than the TVS Apache RR 310. To be precise, there is a difference of Rs. 76,000 between the BMW G310 R and the TVS Apache RR310 and that is a lot of money. If you want similar features and are on a budget, the Apache RR 310 is the right choice for you. Both the bikes use the same engine that offers similar power output.

Want a track bike

TVS Apache RR 310

People who want a bike that can serve as a track tool should opt for the TVS Apache RR 310. Even though all the three bikes use the same engine, the Apache is actually developed on the track, which makes it a track-friendly bike. Also, the GS 310 cannot be a track bike because of its riding position while the G 310R offers a very relaxed riding position too. The Apache RR 310 offers an aggressive riding posture and can be the perfect track weapon for amateurs who want to start track riding.

Want a touring bike


People who are primarily looking for a long-distance bike that can be used in a city can go for the BMW G310 GS. It is the smallest and most affordable GS series bike and offers the most comfortable riding position. The bike also offers the best suspension travel and switchable ABS, which make it suitable for adventure rides. It can be the one bike to tame all the terrains. Even though the other two bikes will take you to places, the G310 GS should be the choice of adventure seekers.

Want road presence

BMW twins

Let’s face it. Even though the TVS Apache RR 310 looks extremely striking, the BMW bikes enjoy the badge recognition and have a better road presence. If all the three bikes are displayed together, a major part of the crowd will be attracted towards the BMW twins because of their rarity on the roads. If you want something that is easily recognisable by the crowd, the BMW twins should be your choice.

Affordable after-sales

TVS Apache RR 310

BMW is a premium brand and charges a premium for its motorcycles. Even the after-sales service is the same. The BMW bikes need a higher amount of bank balance to maintain, even for the regular service while maintaining the TVS Apache RR 310 would not sting you much. If you’re looking for a long-term financial plan, the TVS Apache RR 310 should be the choice.