TVS Apache RR310 LED headlamps ILLEGAL, says police officer who fines motorcycle owner [Video]

Police officers in India are often known to make up rules on the spot to fine unsuspecting motorists. Here is one such incident where a cop in Kolkata fined a TVS Apache RR310 owner. And the reason for the fine? Well, according to the cop, the factory-fitted LED headlamps of the TVS Apache RR310 are illegal because they allegedly dazzle other motorists, and cause accidents. Absurd? Well, that’s exactly what the police officer’s reasoning is. Watch this whole incident play out on the video recorded by the hapless Apache rider, who does his best to reason out with the cops who clearly don’t seem to know what they’re talking about.

Note: The headlamps on the TVS Apache RR 310 are perfectly LEGAL!

What’s happening here?

Police officials attached to the Sodepur police station in Kolkata, West Bengal, stop a TVS Apache RR310 rider. When the rider questions them why he’s been stopped, the cops say that the LED headlamps fitted on the motorcycle are ‘dazzling’ other motorists, and that they’re illegal.

They proceed to fine the rider Rs. 100. The rider argues that the LED headlamps on the TVS Apache RR310 are factory-fitted and that they’re RTO approved. However, the cops don’t relent, and the conversation moves on to the mode in which the Apache owner can pay the fine, and his rights to contest the fine.

It’s high time that police officers in India update themselves about the various new features that are now standard on Indian cars and motorcycles. One such feature are LED headlamps. The TVS Apache RR310 is not the only motorcycle that comes with factory-fitted headlamps. Other such motorcycles include the KTM Duke 390, the Bajaj Dominar and the Yamaha FZ25, to name just a few.

LED headlamps are now standard factory fitments on many cars as well. From the Honda City and Maruti Swift to the Toyota Innova Crysta, a lot of new car models offer LED headlamps. Notably, all these headlamps go through a strict government mandated check before being approved for use. Therefore, they are NOT illegal as the Kolkata cop would have us believe.

What could be the other reason for this seemingly stupid fine?

Monthly targets. Yes, police officers in India are said to have monthly fine collection targets to meet. The end of the month usually sees cops across the country diving into fine collection drives. On such drives, cops are often known to make up non-existent rules to simply extort money from hapless motorists just to meet the fine collection targets.

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