TVS ‘upgrading’ Apache RR310 for free

TVS Apache RR310, which is the flagship bike of the brand is getting upgraded for free by the manufacturer. As per BikeWale, TVS has contacted the owners of the Apache RR310 via SMS and other means and have intimated them about the upgrade. All the bikes sold by the brand will be upgraded according to the report, but we are not sure if the new bikes in the showroom get all the upgrades mentioned by TVS. We reached out to TVS and they have clarified that it is a pure upgrade process for the customers.

TVS ‘upgrading’ Apache RR310 for free

TVS is offering various upgrades for Apache RR310. First of all, the ECU of the motorcycle gets an update that reportedly increases the performance of the bike. It is not known if there is any power increase. The visor cover will be replaced with a new one to maximize the aerodynamics of the bikes. TVS is also replacing the chain-roller of the Apache RR310 and adding heavier bar-end weights to the handle of the bike. The heavier bar-end weights will increase the stability of the bike and also reduces the vibrations in the handle. It is also not known if the upgrades have come after customer feedback and complaints.

The upgrades can be done during the scheduled service of the bike at free of cost. Customers who have recently done the servicing of the bike can go to their nearest service centre to receive the updates. It is not mentioned how much time the service centre will take to replace the old parts and upgrade the ECU.

The TVS Apache RR310 is the first product from the BMW-TVS partnership in India. The bike is the first fully faired bike from the brand and is designed to look sharp and aggressive. The Apache RR310’s design is inspired by the shark, and it gets exceptionally sharp styling. The Apache RR310 is manufactured on the same production line as the BMW G310R and the BMW GS310.

TVS ‘upgrading’ Apache RR310 for free

The Apache RR310 is one of the quickest accelerating affordable motorcycles in the Indian market and is powered by the same 313cc, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine that is mounted as a reverse-inclined engine on the chassis. The set-up of the engine makes the bike unique and allows the swing arm to remain long while keeping the wheelbase short. The long swing arm helps when the bike is going on a straight line while the short wheelbase helps during quick maneuvers. The Apache RR310 gets a 6-speed transmission. It can do 0-100 km/h in just 7.17 seconds, which is quite quick.

The TVS Apache RR310 is a popular bike in the market but not as popular as TVS would have hoped it would be. In one year, 5,000 units of the Apache RR310 have been sold in the Indian market ad the sales have settled down in the market.