TVS Apache RR310 top speed recorded on cam! [Video]

The TVS Apache RR310 is easily the hottest new motorcycle in the town. With a 311cc engine that finds its root at the BMW Motorrad’s G310R, and riding dynamics that have been fine-tuned on a race track, the RR310 is not only the sharpest tool from the TVS Motor Co., but is also the most performance-focused motorcycle in its segment. Here is a video that shows the highest possible (speedo-indicated) top speed this motorcycle can attain.

As you can see above, the Apache RR310 can achieve a top whack of 168 kmph on the speedo. Of course, getting there isn’t a child’s play – you need a long, empty stretch of road and decent riding skills to easily extract the most out of that single-pot high-strung motor. However, what’s commendable is that the RR310 can easily cruise at high speeds without breaking a sweat.

The TVS Apache RR310 gets a reverse-inclined engine that is tilted towards the back. This layout enables the usage of a longer swingarm without affecting the overall wheelbase of the motorcycle. A longer swingarm aids stability while a shorter overall wheelbase makes the motorcycle very nimble. This setup makes the Apache RR310 a pretty advanced motorcycle. As for the engine, the RR310 gets a 311cc fuel-injected motor that produces a maximum power of 34 PS along with a peak torque of 27.3 Nm. The latest TVS flagship tips the scales at 169.5 kgs.

The engine comes mated to a 6-speed manual transmission. This transmission uses an 8-plate wet clutch system. It may be noted here that most other motorcycles in this segment use a 6-plate wet clutch system. An 8-plate system offers a more accurate bite point. A bite point, or friction zone, is where clutch plates start to join each other before the clutch is fully released. A sharper bite point enables more track-focused performance. Another factor that enhances the RR310’s performance is the low coefficient of drag of just 0.26. This motorcycle has spent over 300 hours in the wind tunnel to achieve fine-tuned aerodynamics. All this enables the RR310 to offer a really high performance.