TVS Apache RR310 vs Bajaj Pulsar RS200 braking test: Which motorcycle stops FASTER? [Video]

TVS Apache RR310 has created quite a ripple in the Indian market. The bike is the first outcome of the TVS-BMW partnership in India and offers quite a wide range of features. The Apache RR310 takes on the fully faired bikes in the segment, which are not many, and Bajaj Pulsar RS 200 is considered as one of the rivals of the TVS Apache RR310. Here is a braking test showing which bike can brake better.

What is happening here?

Before we go further, we must tell you that this test has been done on public roads. Even though the roads are quite secluded, it is illegal to do such stunts on public roads and is highly dangerous too. People drive at high speeds on empty roads and the chances of accidents increase substantially. Also, this test is not official and is not conclusive, other such tests may show different results.

Both the bikes speed to more than 100 km/h on the stretch and brake together. The video shows that both the bikes coming to a stop after almost a similar distance. In fact, the Apache RR310 stopped a few inches behind the Bajaj Pulsar RS 200. Just because there are no external instruments to gauge the speed and distance, the results can be inconclusive but it gives a fair idea of the braking prowess of both the bikes, which is almost similar.

TVS Apache RR310 vs Bajaj Pulsar RS200 braking test: Which motorcycle stops FASTER? [Video]

The Bajaj Pulsar RS 200 comes with front and rear disc brakes. It also gets Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) but it is a single-channel ABS that is only effective on the front wheel. Whereas the TVS Apache RR310 gets dual-channel ABS, which acts on both the front and rear wheels of the bike. In the video, we can hear a screeching sound when the brakes are applied. It is the sound from the Bajaj Pulsar RS 200’s rear wheel. It locks up upon hard braking because the ABS is non-operational on that wheel.

The Bajaj Pulsar RS 200 also weighs around 5 kg lighter than the Apache RR310, which means that the Apache RR 310 has a higher momentum, making the brakes work harder. The Bajaj Pulsar RS 200 is priced at Rs. 1.26 lakhs for the non-ABS version and Rs. 1.38 lakhs for the ABS version. The TVS Apache RR 310 is priced at Rs. 2.23 lakhs, all prices ex-showroom, Delhi.


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