TVS Apache RR310 vs KTM RC390 motorcycle drag race on video shows who’s BOSS!

Finally, the hotly anticipated face-off between the recently-launched TVS Apache RR310 and the performance king – the KTM RC390 – is here. Again, it’s the Youtuber IndianStuff who’s put this wonderful video together. Both motorcycles were put to back to back drag races that went all the way up to their respective top speeds, which means that the drags were much longer than the usual 400 meter runs. These drags not only show the acceleration potential of both motorcycles, but also their top speeds and the respective times they took to get there.  Here, watch the video for yourself.

The results aren’t surprising, and goes on to confirm the ‘no replacement to displacement’ theory. The KTM RC390, thanks to its significant displacement and power advantage, simply owns the TVS Apache RR 310. This is not to say that the Apache RR 310 is a slow bike by any stretch of imagination.

In fact, the Apache is a very fast machine; Just that the KTM RC390 is faster as it’s more powerful. While the very-focused KTM RC390 is great for track riding, the Apache RR310 is a better option for everyday use and weekend track riding, thanks to its more-relaxed riding position.

The Apache uses a 311cc four stroke engine with 34 Bhp-28 Nm while the RC390 is powered by a 373cc motor with 44 Bhp-37 Nm. Both bikes get 6 speed manual gearboxes as standard fare. Priced at Rs. 2.05 lakhs, the Apache RR310 is also significantly cheaper than the KTM RC390, which sells at Rs. 2.45 lakhs.

Considering these factors, the Apache does offer a compelling package, while the KTM RC390 is for those who want an out-and-out track package that’s simply uncatchable by any other sub-3 lakh rupee motorcycle, save for its sibling – the Duke 390.

PS: Please don’t try these drags on public roads. It’s just too dangerous. This video is just to illustrate the performance differences between these affordable, highly capable sportsbikes.