TVS Apache RTR 160 & 180 get ‘Supermoto’ ABS: RTR 200 & 310RR continue with dual channel ABS

TVS Motors’ flagship range of Apache motorcycles now get ABS as standard but there’s a catch. The TVS Apache RTR160, the RTR 160 4V and the RTR 180 now get ‘supermoto’ ABS, or in other words single channel ABS. In fact, TVS Motors has discontinued the dual channel ABS option on the Apache RTR 180, and has instead opted to equip it with the cheaper, single channel ABS option that acts on only the front wheel. TVS Motors claims that the ‘Supermoto’ ABS has been developed with its racing expertise and runs a special algorithm to offer great safety to the rider despite missing ABS on the rear wheel.

TVS Apache RTR 160 & 180 get ‘Supermoto’ ABS: RTR 200 & 310RR continue with dual channel ABS

Here’s what Mr.KN Radhakrishnan, Director & CEO, TVS Motor Company, had to say about the addition of single  channel/Supermoto ABS on the Apache range,

Since inception, TVS Apache series have revolutionised performance biking by introducing cutting edge technology  from their factory racing versions. In 2011, we were the 1st manufacturer to introduce twin channel ABS (Anti-lock  Braking System) on Apache RTR 180, in the Indian two-wheeler industry. In line with this tradition, today, we are  delighted to announce the inclusion of Super Moto ABS across RTR 160; RTR 160 4V and RTR 180 versions. This one of a kind racing tuned ABS technology that ensures maximum dynamic performance along with cutting edge safety technology to our consumers. The motorcycles are already on sale in market to ensure proactive compliance to the regulatory requirement laid down by the Government of India.

Notably, the Apache RTR 200 and the RR 310, two of the most expensive motorcycles in the TVS Apache line-up, continue to be offered with dual channel ABS as standard. This system also offers a rear lift off protection as standard. It’s a good thing that dual channel ABS – which is arguably much more effective than single channel/supermoto ABS – has not been given a miss on TVS Motors’ flagship offerings. The only reason why the other Apaches are now offering single channel ABS has to do with cost. Single channel ABS is more cost effective even as it meets government regulations.

As per regulations, only single channel ABS is mandatory on motorcycles with engines over 125cc. This is the reason  why motorcycle makers are opting to offer only single channel ABS on most motorcycles priced under Rs. 1.5 lakhs. The Yamaha R15 V3.0 is a notable exception. In higher segments, motorcycle makers are going the whole hog and offering dual channel ABS. All said and done, single channel ABS is better than having no ABS at all. So, it’s a good thing that motorcycle safety is evolving in the right direction in India.