2019 TVS Apache RTR 160 4V FI ABS launched in India

TVS has launched the 2019 Apache RTR 160 Fi in the Indian market. The new bike comes equipped with the safety device and is priced at Rs. 98,644 ex-showroom, Delhi. The new bike is yet to be announced officially by TVS in India but the bookings have started at the TVS dealerships and the delivery is expected to happen soon. The ABS version of the bike is Rs. 6,999 more expensive than the regular variant. It should be noted that the sale of non-ABS two-wheelers that are powered by 125cc or higher capacity engines would be banned in the Indian market from 1st April.


2019 TVS Apache RTR 160 4V FI ABS launched in India

The Indian market will soon get mandatory safety equipment for 2-wheelers. The new rule, which will come into effect from 1st April 2019 will make it mandatory for all the two-wheelers powered by the 125cc or higher engine capacity. The two-wheelers that are powered by less than 125cc engines would get mandatory Combi-Braking System.

The ABS version is only available with the Fuel Injected version of the Apache. The regular carburetted engine still gets the same, non-ABS variants. Mechanically, the Apache RTR 160 Fi remains similar to the non-ABS version. Power comes from a single-cylinder, air-cooled engine that develops a maximum of 16.6 Bhp and a peak torque of 14.8 Nm. The non-FI version produces a maximum of 16.2 Bhp. It gets a 5-speed transmission.

Even look-wise, the Apache 160 RTR FI will remain identical to the non-ABS version of the bike. It gets an angular headlamp with an absent visor on top and muscular looking tank with elongated tank scoops. The bike also gets all-black alloy wheels and engine parts that make it look quite aggressive. The RTR 160 FI comes with disc brakes on both the wheels but gets the single-channel ABS only.

This is the first time that the manufacturer has offered an ABS option on the Apache RTR 160 4V. It gets a single-channel ABS that works on the front wheel of the bike. The non-ABS versions are expected to be on sale till the new safety rules kick in from April 2019.

The TVS Apache RTR 160 4V Fi takes on the likes of Suzuki Gixxer, Honda Hornet and even Bajaj Pulsar 150. The entry-level performance bike is known for its extremely balanced ride quality. The other bikes in the TVS line-up are expected to get the new ABS update before the March 31 deadline this year. TVS has started launching the new bikes and scooters with the combined braking system and the ABS. Most of their products including the scooters now meet the upcoming safety rules.

The Apache series is known for their performance and many of them are used by enthusiasts to take on the racing tracks. TVS says that all the Apache series bikes have the racing DNA and they have been thoroughly developed on the racing tracks.

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