TVS Apache RTR rider filmed with woman sitting on fuel tank facing him: Video goes viral

We have seen several videos featuring people pulling off stunts on motorcycles and cars on the roads in the past. In the same fashion, a video has gone viral on social media from Bhopal. In this video, one can see a man riding with a girl sitting on the fuel tank of his motorcycle while facing the rider.

This bizarre incident was filmed at the VIP road in Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh) by a car driver driving alongside the rider, who can be seen riding a white-coloured TVS Apache RTR 180 in the video. Here, the girl is seen sitting on the fuel tank of the motorcycle while facing the rider, and hugging him while he was riding the motorcycle. As soon as the motorcycle rider realized that he was being filmed, he increased the speed of his motorcycle and fled off from the spot.

The whole video was uploaded by the driver of the car on his Twitter account, which soon went viral on social media. Police too have taken notice of this whole incident and have begun its search operation of the rider of the Apache RTR 180 who was pulling off this stunt in the middle of a busy road.

Adding to it, he was not following the basic rule of wearing a helmet. Police are trying to trace the rider on the base of the number plate of the motorcycle, which has been recorded in the video as well as CCTV footage of the VIP road, Bhopal.

To face charges under MV Act

TVS Apache RTR rider filmed with woman sitting on fuel tank facing him: Video goes viral

Speaking on this incident, Vijay Katri, SP North Division, Bhopal, said that the youth is expected to be caught soon and will be trialled under the Motor Vehicle Act for pulling off such a dangerous stunt on the road. He added that riding in such a dangerous manner is fatal not only for the rider himself but for other passers-by as well.

Police have also claimed that suitable actions have been taken in the past against such riders who pull off stunts on public roads. However, it seems that youth hasn’t learnt lessons despite the previous warnings and actions, which is very unfortunate.

For catching people’s attention and gaining fame on social media, several young people try to pull off stunts on cars and motorcycles. However, they don’t have the idea of how fatal and illegal carrying out these stunts on open roads are. These stunts are not at all encouraging to be performed on public roads and can be dangerous for both the stunt performer as well as people around him/her.

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