TVS Graphite automatic scooter to challenge Honda Dio/Aprilia SR150

TVS Motors is building a very sleek looking scooter that will also have excellent performance. In terms of looks, it will take on the Honda Dio. In terms of performance, it will challenge the Aprilia SR150, which is one of the fastest automatic scooters in India presently.

TVS Graphite automatic scooter to challenge Honda Dio/Aprilia SR150

This information is based on a BikeAdvice report, which also reveals that the new scooter could be the production version of the TVS Graphite concept that was shown at the 2014 Indian Auto Expo. The real world testing of this scooter has already begun.

The report has source-based information which puts the new TVS Graphite scooter’s top speed at 103 Kph. Other key features on the scooter could include navigation and smartphone integration, call alert, and a comprehensive instrument cluster with readouts for top speed, engine temperature etc.

In concept form, the Graphite scooter showed off a lot of technology such as an AMT gearbox, paddle shifters, inbuilt immobiliser, petal disc brakes with a dual channel ABS system etc. We feel that some of the features such as AMT and paddle shifters may be omitted.

TVS Graphite automatic scooter to challenge Honda Dio/Aprilia SR150

However, petal disc brakes and ABS may be offered on the production model. This is because all new two wheelers launched after March 2018 will need to have ABS as standard if their engine capacities is over 125cc. The production version of the Graphite is expected to have a 150cc engine.

The new scooter will strengthen TVS Motors’ position in the automatic scooter segment. Already, TVS is doing very well with the Jupiter becoming the second best selling automatic scooter in India. Automatic scooters are preferred by both men and women because they are very convenient to ride in high-traffic conditions. Nowadays, younger buyers are preferring style and performance even on scooters, rather than only utility. This is where the new TVS Graphite will fit in.