TVS Jupiter automatic scooter’s electric version launching in June 2018

TVS Motors will launch an electric version of its best selling scooter, the Jupiter. According to ET Auto, the launch is expected to happen in June 2018. Since we have an Auto Expo happening before that, in February next year, the Jupiter Electric is expected to be shown at that event.

TVS Jupiter automatic scooter’s electric version launching in June 2018

Presently, the Jupiter is available with a four stroke, petrol engine displacing 110cc. It is a Honda Activa competitor. The electric version of the Jupiter may not have any competition from mainstream scooter makers in India as no big scooter company offers electric vehicles.

Hero Electric is the only major company that sells electric scooters in India. Most of these scooters have a range of around 50-70 kilometers per charge. Their top speeds vary from 20-45 Kmph. The TVS Jupiter Electric, coming from a mainstream two wheeler maker in India, is expected to do much better.

A range of around 80-100 kilometers and a top speed of at least 60 Kmph will be necessary for the mass market to accept electric scooters in India. We hope that TVS Motors launches the new electric scooter with similar specifications.

For now, not much information about this scooter is available except for the fact that it will feature a lithium ion battery. Electric scooters make a lot of sense for India if the range problem can be solved by manufacturers without the price escalating by too much.

Customers may be willing to pay up to Rs. 80,000 for electric scooters is the range is at least 100 Kms and if the battery replacement cost after 4-5 years is around 15,000-20,000. Running cost of this scooter will make up for the high initial cost, and battery replacement cost. But till this happens, electric scooters may not become mainstream. Next year, there will be two more electric two wheelers aiming at the mass market – the Ather S340 scooter and the Tork T6X motorcycle.