TVS Jupiter: BS4 vs BS6 fuel economy test [Video]

Fuel efficiency of a vehicle, be it a two wheeler or a four wheeler still matters a lot to buyers in a developing country like India. With petrol prices and prices of two-wheelers increasing, buyers are looking for an option that easy to maintain and also return a better fuel efficiency. two wheeler manufacturer have also started rolling out BS6 versions of their existing models to meet the upcoming emission norms. Here we have a video that does a fuel economy test of TVS Jupiter scooter both BS4 and BS6 versions. Which one returned better economy?, let’s have a look at the video to find out.

The video has been uploaded by Chintamani Jaipuri on his youtube channel. The video starts by taking both BS4 and BS6 TVS Jupiter to a nearest fuel pump and to fill petrol to the brim. They are following tankful to tankful method which is one of the best ways to figure out the exact fuel economy of any vehicle. They fill both the scooters and then reset the trip meter in the scooter. BS6 version of the Jupiter used in the video is the Classic version and does not get a digital meter for trip and other details so, the rider takes a note of the kms on the odometer before starting.

Both the scooters are ridden through the same traffic conditions and for the same number of kilometres. It gets a fare share of city roads, traffic and long highways. They even test the top speed and do a drag race between both the scooters. Riders also switched the scooters on their way back to the petrol pump as both riders are different in terms of physique and riding style. The scooter does a total of 50.2 kms before refuelling. The BS4 version of the scooters takes around 1.10 litres of petrol whereas the BS6 version of the Jupiter only needed 0.83 litres of fuel.

TVS Jupiter: BS4 vs BS6 fuel economy test [Video]

The fuel efficiency for The BS4 version is 45.63 kmpl whereas the BS6 version returned a whopping 60.48 kilometres to a litre which is a huge difference of around 15 kmpl. The BS6 version of the TVS Jupiter gets the same 110-cc engine but instead of carb. it now comes with Fuel injection that affects the performance and efficiency of the vehicle. As per the video, the BS6 TVS Jupiter also felt smoother and quieter than that of the BS4 version. This could have to do with an overall increase in efficiency.