TVS launches new IRIDE smartphone app for 2-wheelers

Joining the digital bandwagon, TVS Motors has introduced an all new mobile application for its customers. This new application, christened IRIDE has been introduced to monitor riding parameters of the vehicle and will soon include sales and service support.

TVS launches new IRIDE smartphone app for 2-wheelers

This app is currently limited to android phone users only and is available in the Google Play store. Any phone that is running Android 4.2.4 and above can be used to download this application. The main advantages and features of this application are as follows:

It can be opened by tapping the power button of the phone thrice, just like a quick access shortcut. This can be useful in the time of an emergency.

It can detect when the bike is stationary and when it is in motion, and thus the app can automatically shuffle between riding and idling modes.

It stores the parking location of the vehicle. This is extremely helpful for those people who forget where they have parked or happen to park in crowded parking lots. How this exactly works we are yet to find out though.

In case the rider has any medical problems, that too can be stored in the application. In case of an accident, it would be useful to have the patient’s medical details. Also, it also has videos and animations showcasing some first-aid practices, something that could be extremely useful.

The application also connects to their social media account, which means that the rider can share his or her achievements on their respective social media accounts.

It makes bike service easier by allowing the owner to book a lot using the application. Once booked, the owner is reminded of the same so that he doesn’t miss out on the service.

Though there are many car companies that have such applications, TVS becomes one of the first mass market bike manufacturers to offer such an application to customers.