TVS NTORQ 125 – Check out the action packed new TVC

TVS Motor Company recently released a new TVC for the NTORQ 125, its latest automatic scooter. This TV commercial was first released during the IPL cricket matches and has now made its way to the cyberspace as well. The NTORQ’s claim to fame is the handful of ‘smart’ features it offers. In line with this, the TVC we have below shows the journey of a young man who opens all his five senses to the company’s latest automatic scooter.

The ad film starts with the rider appreciating the sharp lines and the aggressive styling of the NTORQ 125 automatic scooter. The video provides a glimpse into the stylish LED taillamp and the scooter’s front fascia. Soon, the young rider is astride the scooter and starts riding. There’s a masculine voice that talks about hearing the wind and feeling the rev as the scooter enables the rider to zoom across the streets with 9.4 PS of maximum power.

It’s not just the performance that is the highlight of this scooter. Soon, the video focusses on to the speedometer, which indicates an incoming call on the smartphone. Actually, the NTORQ comes with TVS SmartXonnect, which is a Bluetooth-enabled technology that pairs the NTORQ to your smartphone using a mobile app. Through this app, the automatic scooter offers as many as 55 features including navigation assist, incoming call alert, top speed recorder, last parked location assist, et al. It is while highlighting these first-in-class features that the ad says ‘Taste a bit of tomorrow’.

Lastly, the scooter rides past a group of youngsters (the scooter’s target audience) who look really impressed and even awestruck with this scooter’s speed and design. It is here when the ad says ‘Smell the envy’. Finally, the video concludes with the line, ‘Open your senses to the TVS NTORQ 125’. Well, we feel that the rather dramatic ad film does complete justice to the NTORQ, which really looks much more modern (even futuristic) than all the other scooters. Also, the smartphone connectivity feature makes it feel more modern and practical. Finally, the engine is adequately powerful and offers a rather punchy performance.

Video courtesy – TVS NTorq on Youtube