TVS NTorq SXR 160 is India’s most POWERFUL scooter: Details

If you thought that the Aprilia SR150’s 11.4 Bhp peak power output was a big deal, take some time to consider the TVS NTorq SXR 160, a scooter that has 20 Bhp on tap. Forget scooters, the TVS NTorq SXR 160 can even belt motorcycles. Built for rallying, this scooter has some really solid specifications. It uses a 160cc, four stroke engine, rally tuned to produce about 20 Bhp. And this engine even uses a loud, free flow exhaust meant to boost low end and mid range torque. Top speed? About 120 Kph, making the NTorq 160 NXR a lot faster than most 150cc motorcycles sold in India. And lest we forget, it’s an automatic scooter.

But you won’t be able to buy one, for this scooter is built specifically by TVS Motors for rallying. It’ll take part in 2018’s INRC rallies around India, in the scooter category. To make this automatic scooter rally ready, TVS Motors has also fitted it with knobbly tyres and race tuned suspension. In terms of looks, it’s very similar to the production spec TVS NTorq. We just hope that at least a detuned version of this scooter is launched in India. It’ll make an ideal adversary to the upcoming Aprilia SR150 Storm, a scooter that’s got off-road bias. What say, TVS Motors?

Meanwhile, TVS Motors does sell the NTorq 125, an automatic scooter that’s the lesser powered, street going sibling of the NTorq 160 SXR. The NTorq 125 is one of India’s fastest scooters, with a 9 second timing for the 0-60 Kmph run, and a heady top speed of 95 Kmph. The scooter uses a 125cc, air cooled four stroke engine with a 3 valve head. This engine produces a peak power of 9.1 Bhp while peak torque is rated at 10.5 Nm. Telescopic front forks are standard and TVS Motors offers a petal disc brake on the front wheel. The scooter is one of the sharpest and peppiest offerings in India currently. Prices start from Rs. 58,750, ex-showroom Delhi.