TVS Suzuki Samurai motorcycle beautifully restored in a video

TVS Suzuki Samurai was  very popular bike from the 2 stroke era. It was a popular motorcycle among youngsters. It is one of those motorcycles which might bring back several memories to at least some of the readers here. The motorcycle was also known as ‘no-problem’ bike. Just like many other 2 stroke motorcycles like Yamaha RX100, Suzuki Samurai also has a fan base and we already have seen some examples of well maintained or restored Samurai motorcycles from different parts of the country. Here we have a video that shows an old Suzuki Samurai motorcycle that has been neatly restored to factory condition.

The video does not show how the bike looked like before restoration. It simply shows the assembling part with all the parts already restored. The restoration work on this motorcycle has been done by SK Autocare. In order to restore this motorcyle, Sushant Garvare from Pune had taken down the motorcycle completely and worked on every part of it.

As this is an old motorcycle, the frame had started to rust. So he removed all the rust from the frame and then gave it a primer coating before painting it in gloss black PU paint. The engine area has been painted in two colours. Upper part of the engine is painted in black whereas the lower portion like the engine cover gets a metallic grey shade. Suzuki branding on the engine cover has been painted in red.

Coming to the wheels, it retains the spoke rims but, the shiny steel rims have now been painted in black. The outer portion of the rims gets red highlights that adds a distinct character to the motorcycle. The swing arm, sprocket, chain and wheels are all then assembled. The front suspension has been repainted and it also gets a fork gaiter.

TVS Suzuki Samurai motorcycle beautifully restored in a video

The fuel tank, side panels, front fenders are all redone and painted in yellow and silver finish. It also has Suzuki Samurai graphics on it. As Samurai is not on sale anymore, finding some parts for this motorcycle can be challenging. On this motorcycle some parts were borrowed from other motorcycles of that generation. For example the headlamps are from a Yamaha RX-Z and the crash guard is from a Yamaha RX100.

The instrument cluster. handle bar, switches are all from a Suzuki Samurai only. The chain case, turn indicators, grab rail are all installed on the motorcycle. The seat on this motorcycle has been completely redone and is a custom made unit that looks like the original seat. TVS Suzuki Samurai motorcycle used to come with a chrome finished exhaust pipe but, the vlogger gave it black finish. Vlogger even starts the motorcycle and the iconic 2-stroke engine sound along with the blue smoke can be seen in the video.  Overall, the vlogger has done a very good job with the motorcycle. He did manage to restore it without losing its charm. It looks like a brand new motorcycle that had just rolled out of the production line.