TVS Suzuki Samurai: Watch it getting beautifully restored [Video]

TVS Suzuki Samurai, the name might bring back memories to some of you who are reading this article. The Suzuki Samurai was launched in the Indian market back in 1994 and was a very popular bike among youngsters during that time. It was known as the ‘no-problem’ bike. It still has a fan base in the country and we have seen couple of beautifully restored examples in the past. Here we have one such TVS Suzuki Samurai motorcycle that has been beautifully restored.

The video has been uploaded by Prasanth Violet on his youtube channel. The video simply shows the assembling part of a TVS Suzuki Samurai that has been beautifully restored. According to the video, the whole restoration work on this motorcycle has been done by Prasanth Violet only. The whole bike has been taken down and the chassis of the bike has been repainted. All the rust on the frame has been removed to give it a smooth finish.

The engine gets a dual tone finish. The upper portion gets a black treatment whereas the engine can and other areas get a gun metal grey finish. The Suzuki badging on the engine is highlighted in Red colour to give it a distinct look.Similar Red highlights are seen on various parts like the rims. The vlogger then starts assembling all the parts like swing arm, sprocket chain and the wheels. It gets a new set of rubber and the rear suspension gets red coil spring.

TVS Suzuki Samurai: Watch it getting beautifully restored [Video]

The handle bar and the exhaust on this motorcycle is painted all black to go with the overall the theme. The Samurai gets new switch gears and the instrument cluster and the headlight unit are also new. The front forks get gaiters as seen on the bike before. The chain cover, front forks are also given a gun metal grey finish.  The headlight and the tail lights are new units and the seat is also re-upholstered.

The fuel tank on this motorcycle has been restored too along with the side panels. It gets a red paint job which was available as an option back in the day. Overall,the finished product looks great and he even kick starts the motorcycle and the bike comes back to life with the iconic 2-stroke engine sound and lot of blue smoke. The finished product looks so neat that it looks like as if it had rolled out of the production line minutes ago.