Humble TVS XL moped transformed into a Harley Davidson 48 at home

Sudus Customs, which has become very popular in the recent past for making mini Jeep, a mini Volkswagen Beetle among many other modifications have now come up with another project. Sudus has completed the transformation job of the humble XL 100 to a Harley Davidson 48. Here is the video.

The video is in Malayalam and Sudus Customs explains the modifications. Looking at the final product, it does looks like a job well executed and well done. It actually looks like a Harley Davidson 48 but only much smaller in size. The attention to details in this project is immaculate.

The modification or the transformation job looks quite amazing. Almost every part of the bike is hand made. Starting with the front, it gets a handmade fuel tank that looks exactly the same as the Harley Davidson 48’s fuel tank. It is a bolt-on tank and can be installed or removed easily. The tank gets a yellow finish and there are monikers of Harley Davidson 48 and Sudus Customs too. The bike also gets side boxes and both are customised.

Humble TVS XL moped transformed into a Harley Davidson 48 at home

It can only accommodate a single person. So the single-seat can be fitted by snapping it into the place and then fasting the bolts. The seat is made up of leather. Other parts like the rear fender and front mudguard are also custom made. The most interesting part visually here is the engine compartment.

The regular puny engine of the TVX XL100 now gets a fibreglass cover. The cover is shaped like a V-Twin engine just like the Harley Davidson bikes. It adds a bulk look to the set-up. There are two exhaust pipes and there is a Harley-Davidson moniker on them too. However, only one of these exhausts is functional.

Mini Harley Davidson 48

The modification job also adds an instrument cluster, which is stock from TVS100. The single pod analogue instrument cluster does look good and adds a retro look to the bike. The front gets a round headlamp with a chrome border that looks quite good. The rear does not get any stopping lamp but that will be added later. There are functional indicators that do work properly.

The bike overall looks extremely good and an immense amount of work has gone into making this project. While we are not sure about the cost involved but it should not be much. However, the time taken to complete this is months. Sudus started working on the project months ago and it is probably delayed due to the current situation of COVID-19.

One should note that such modifications are not road legal. In Kerala, cops especially target customised and modified vehicles. However, such vehicles are sure fun to have. If you want to own such a vehicle, make sure that you keep it off the public roads and use them in private properties including farmhouses, race tracks and more.