TVS XL100 moped modified into a mini Royal Enfield Bullet for kids

Rakesh Babu is a Youtuber from Kerala who is known for making miniature working versions of regular vehicles. His first video that went viral on the internet was of a mini Volkswagen Beetle that used engine from a Suzuki Samurai motorcycle. After that video, he made several working miniature cars and motorcycles. He even built electric jeeps and motorcycles for children. He has now come up with a new video where he is seen working on a new project. In this video, Rakesh actually transforms a TVS XL100 into a mini Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle.

The video has been uploaded by sudus custom on their YouTube channel. The video shows how Rakesh converted a TVS XL100 moped into a mini Royal Enfield Bullet suitable for children. For this project he started by stripping down the body panels on XL 100. At the end only chassis of the moped was left.

He then cut the rear portion of the chassis as he wanted to modify it slightly to make it look more like a Bullet. The rear suspension of the XL100 was also removed as it needed to be lowered. The fuel tank on the XL100 was repositioned and a fake tank made from fiber glass was placed above it. The shape of the fiber glass tank is similar to what we have seen on Royal Enfield motorcycles.

The handles were removed and the head of the moped was remodeled in fiber glass to make it look more like the Bullet. Using metal sheets, he made side panels and battery box and the base of the seat was also made from a metal sheet. Rakesh then roughly assembled all the panels on the XL100 and it had started to look like a mini Royal Enfield Bullet.

TVS XL100 moped modified into a mini Royal Enfield Bullet for kids

Putty was then applied on fiber glass tank, head, side panels of the motorcycle. The handle bar on the motorcycle was also redesigned. The engine part of the motorcycle was also made from fiber glass and a coat of putty was applied on that as well. After sanding excess putty away from the panels, the original instrument cluster of XL100 was installed into the head of the motorcycle.

The cushion for the seat was then cut as per the seat and was sent for upholstery work. The front and the rear fenders on the motorcycle are metal and the rear one was made in such a manner that it reminds of Bullet motorcycle. A tail lamp with turn indicator and number plate holder was also installed at the back. A metal frame was later added to the rear to offer support or act as a saree guard.

Once panels were sanded, Rakesh started painting them individually. The front and rear fenders, tank, the engine covers, side panels were all painted in black. Once the body panels were painted, Rakesh moved to the chassis and sprayed a coat of black paint all over the bike. The XL100 was now starting to look more like a Royal Enfield motorcycle. Just like in the past, Rakesh has paid attention to detail and that is what makes this creation special. He does not finish the project in this video.