Watch the 2019 TVS XL100 moped on video for the first time: Walk around review

The TVS XL series mopeds are quite popular across the country due to their low price and utility. The XL series is also currently the only mopeds on sale in India, not considering the Honda Navi. TVS sells around 70,000 of these mopeds per month which shows their popularity. Though you may not see them much in metro cities, they are a usual sight in suburban and rural areas. If you have been planning to buy one, take a look at the video below which shows the TVS XL100 Comfort SBT in a walkaround review.

The video above by gyani enough shows the latest 2019 version of the XL100 Comfort SBT moped. The model shown above gets an all-black paint job with red and white body stickers enhance its looks. Look wise, not much has changed on the XL series moped since a lot of years and it still carries the simple, no-nonsense design theme. It features a large flat seat, comfortable set handle and footpegs and rugged built quality. It may be uninteresting to look at but that does not matter much for its target customers.

The ex-showroom cost for the XL100 Comfort in Delhi is Rs. 32,759 (ex-showroom, Delhi). It gets telescopic spring up front and dual springs at the rear for suspension duties. It has a wheelbase of 1228 mm, length of 2020 mm, a width of 750 mm along with a ground clearance of 155 mm. It is quite light at just 80 kgs owing to its low capacity engine and minimal body components. TVS says the XL 100 returns fuel economy of 67kmpl, under simulated test conditions. This means that its 4-litre tank is good enough to give it a range of more than 200 km.

Watch the 2019 TVS XL100 moped on video for the first time: Walk around review

As for the engine and power, the TVS XL 100 Comfort is powered by a 99.7cc four-stroke engine which delivers 4.3 Bhp of power and 6.5 Nm of torque. The two-wheeler can achieve a top speed of 60 km/h. The TVS XL 100 Comfort’s seat is detachable and the robust flat-bed platform enables it to carry loads. However, the variant featured in the video does not come with an electric start. The design and ergonomics are in a way to ensure a comfortable riding position. The single pod instrument cluster is quite simple and displays speed and the odometer.

As for its competition, there is no other such two-wheeler in the market right now. The Honda Navi comes closest to it if one considers design but it retails for Rs. 45,314 (ex-showroom, Delhi), which makes it more than Rs. 10,000 more than the TVS XL100 Comfort. At its price range, the XL100 is a decent option and offers all the required features as needed by its target customers.