Twenty 6 wheeled SUVs of India & the world

There is no doubt in the fact that modern SUVs are growing bigger and meaner looking machines. Even though modern 4X4 SUVs are pretty capable of reaching toughest spots in the world, an extra set of wheels does make a world of difference in the way they look and behave on the terrain. Here are 20 such vehicles from India and around the world which have been converted to 6X6 vehicles!

Kahn Design Defender

Twenty 6 wheeled SUVs of India & the world

The Land Rover Defender is an iconic SUV with a timeless design. Kahn Design, a very reputed custom house took the Defender and produced a unique ‘Flying huntsman 6X6’. The Defender has been extended by 400mm from the bonnet and 800mm from the rear. The SUV also becomes wider by 150mm. Kahn Design added a third axle which draws power from the rear axle.

Other upgrades include chassis strengthening, upgraded suspensions and better brakes. The off-road capability of the vehicle has also been upgraded with the high-low drive system and lockable differentials that ensure that the car can climb any challenge thrown at it. Also, the SUV gets an upgraded V8 engine that churns out a maximum of 300 BHP.

Twenty 6 wheeled SUVs of India & the world

Hennessey VelociRaptor 6X6

Twenty 6 wheeled SUVs of India & the world

The Ford Raptor is no ordinary vehicle. The huge truck was taken by Hennessey Performance and is transformed into something mental. Named as VelociRaptor 6X6, Hennessey made an absolute beast out of the Raptor.

Thr pick-up truck gets 6X6 locking axles, which have been replaced with the stock ones. The vehicle also receives upgraded Fox Racing suspension, 20-inch wheels and super-wide tyres. The bumpers have been changed with custom ones and there is also a bed mounted roll-bar. The custom house also provides LED lighting. The engine power has been bumped to 600 BHP from the 450 BHP stock.

Toyota Hilux Arctic Truck

Twenty 6 wheeled SUVs of India & the world

The Hilux is a world renowned vehicle for its value for money and insane capabilities. It also forms the base of Toyota Fortuner. The Hilux has been transformed by an Icelandic company known as Arctic Truck, who have built badass custom SUVs in the past.

The Hilux Arctic Truck custom receives 3 new axles that are powered from the transmission unit. The truck has also been modified heavily to go into extreme conditions. The fuel tank capacity has been increased to massive 550 litres. The loading bay gets a hardcover and can store up to 2000 kg of freight. The top of the storage can be expanded and turned into a comfortable bed. The vehicle also receives a heavy duty winch and fat off-road spec tyres to tackle any surface known to humans.

G.Patton Wrangler

Twenty 6 wheeled SUVs of India & the world

Chinese customisation house, G.Patton recently showed off their latest creation. They took a Jeep Wrangler and transformed it into an off-road conquerer. The Wrangler gets extended body and the soft-top has been replaced with a sturdy hard cover. The vehicle also gets heavily flared wheel arches that intensify the whole look.

Beneath, the Wrangler gets a 6X6 driving system that powers the 35-inch massive 6 wheels of the SUV. The military green paint accentuates the whole look while subtle modifications to the front grille, headlamps and tail lamps make sure that the car shows off its ruggedness wherever it goes.

Duster 6X6

Twenty 6 wheeled SUVs of India & the world

In the international market, the Duster also sells through the budget brand called Dacia. The modification has been officially done by Dacia, Rome. The car gets a flatbed in the rear with a double cabin for up tp 5 passengers. The wheels have not been increased exorbitantly in size but are upgraded to much more capable off-road spec tyres. The Duster gets the 1,5-litre dCi engine under the hood that also powers the Indian Renault Duster.

Twenty 6 wheeled SUVs of India & the world

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