Twin seat Jawa Perak: What it’ll look like [Video]

Jawa Motorcycles made its re-entry into the Indian market couple of years ago with Jawa and Jawa 42 motorcycles. The brand became popular in very short period of time and had a very long waiting period for the motorcycles. An year after the launch of Jawa motorcycles, the brand launched their third offering Perak. Perak is basically a factory custom bobber and is one of a kind of motorcycle.

It is the country’s first most affordable bobber motorcycle at the moment. Perak only gets one seat as standard. Here we have a video that shows how the Perak would look like if it were to be launched in a twin-seat configuration.

The video has been uploaded by SRK Designs. The main difference that one notices in the render is the additional seat at the rear. The seat gets an extension to accommodate one more passenger. In stock version, the seat is suspended in air whereas in the render, the extension is supported by a frame so that it can handle the extra weight. The render here also gets a foot rest for the rear passengers. Apart from from that nothing else has changed.

Other cosmetic changes made to the Perak include a custom paint job on the fuel tank and side panel with Perak written on it. Side wall of the tyres are also painted in white which gives it a retro touch. Headlight grille has also been installed on the bike. Perak has a slow slung stance and fenders have been chopped off.

Twin seat Jawa Perak: What it’ll look like [Video]

The motorcycle gets a matte black finish paint job and the whole motorcycle carries a black theme. Perak gets a spoke wheel, bar end mirrors, monoshock suspension and twin exhaust pipe generating a throaty exhaust. The engine powering the Jawa Perak is a 334 cc, four-stroke single-cylinder unit, which is a bored-out version of the 295 cc engine that powers the Jawa Classic and the Forty-Two.

The Jawa Perak’s engine generates 30 Bhp and 31 Nm of torque. The engine is a single cylinder, liquid cooled, fuel injected unit and is now BS6 compliant. Perak is priced at Rs 1.94 lakh ex-showroom. Jawa has already started taking bookings for the motorcycle and will start delivery on 02 April 2020. The motorcycle is the most affordable Bobber sold in India, with the next similar offering coming in at over Rs. 10 lakh. It’s called the Triumph Bonneville Bobber, and comes with a massive, 1,200 cc parallel twin engine.