Pics of a damaged Hyundai Creta have been circulating for a day. Here’s what happened

The ravishing new Hyundai Creta compact SUV has just been launched in India. After a rapturous response for the compact SUV, which saw over 15,000 bookings in just three weeks, things seem to be going a little awry for the Creta, on the road that is. From late yesterday, images of a crashed Creta have been doing the rounds. And earlier today, one crash seemed like two, with new images of an overturned Creta turning up. Here’s what happened.

Pics of a damaged Hyundai Creta have been circulating for a day. Here’s what happened


Images courtesy Facebook

According to Hyundai India, a dealership Creta on a test drive brushed a motorcyclist, and the first few images of the damaged Creta are the result of this hit. The subsequent images, which almost seem like two Cretas were involved in the accident, is a result of mob justice. Annoyed with the SUV hitting the biker, the mob is said to have  overturned the SUV. Now, that should explain the second set of images showing the upturned Creta.

Irate mobs are the reasons why many hit and run cases happen in India. Well meaning drivers, who would otherwise stop and help accident victims, often flee to escape angry mobs. A similar situation seems to have transpired in case of the Hyundai Creta.

Meanwhile, it’s deja vu time. In case of the Ford Ecosport in Goa, an overenthusiastic mediaperson managed to roll the compact SUV over during the media drive. After the customary non-disclosure agreements, not much came from the Ecosport’s accident, and the compact SUV has gone on to become a big sales success.

In case of the Creta, the images have surfaced from public roads, much away from the purview of the media drives, which are yet to get underway.

Folks wanting to test drive the Creta must understand that the compact SUV, like most other vehicles in its class, has a higher center of gravity and take it a bit easy. That goes for all SUV test-drivers who are used to driving hatches or sedans!

Hyundai, at the Creta preview, went to great lengths, highlighting the SUV’s superior safety features, including the reinforced roof structure. Also, the SUV is one of the most loaded in its class, when it comes to offering safety equipment to the buyer.

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