Two girls arrive in Hyundai Aura sedan to steal flowerpots from a home in Mohali, Punjab [Video]

girls arrive in hyundai aura, steal flowerpots in mohali

Two girls were recorded stealing a few flowerpots from a house in Punjab and the video has become viral. The girls arrived at the spot on a Hyundai Aura to steal a few flower pots and then returned to get a few more. The whole incident was recorded on the CCTV of the house.

The two women arrived in a white Hyundai Aura at around 3 AM for the job. They first stopped right outside the house and picked up a couple of flower pots from the pillars of the main gate. They then returned after a few minutes to get a few more of the pots. They kept the pots in the car and left from the spot in a hurry.

While we are not sure if the girls had any personal rivalry with the house owner or they just wanted to expand their home garden, it seems to be a pretty targetted incident. Both the girls definitely knew where to stop and loot the pots from. It is likely that they did some kind of recce before the final act.

Two girls arrive in Hyundai Aura sedan to steal flowerpots from a home in Mohali, Punjab [Video]

We also do not know if any kind of case is registered against them. Such thefts may not result in punishment but they will definitely bring some kind of self-realisation to the ladies in the video.

A similar incident was reported in Delhi

A similar case was reported in Delhi earlier this year. A video recorded by a bystander captures a Kia Carnival with its trunk open, and two individuals placing flower pots inside the vehicle. Both men can be seen examining the flower pots and selecting the best ones to take with them. Once they have loaded a few pots, they close the electronically-controlled tailgate of the MPV and drive away from the scene. Subsequently, an FIR was filed against the unidentified culprits under section 379 (theft) of the Indian Penal Code at the DLF Phase 3 police station. Moreover, one man was later apprehended in connection with the incident.

We are sure that such incidents happen all through the country but only a few are caught on the camera. Flowerpots are lifted from the roads as well. Earlier, the central government directed the police to take strict actions on people who are stealing public property but this seems to be affecting citizens as well.