Every cop must wear a helmet while riding two wheelers: Mumbai Police

After the video of cop riding a motorcycle went viral on the internet, Mumbai Police has issued a circular to all police stations that no cop, whether dressed or undressed in uniform should ride a two-wheeler without helmet. It asks senior officers to enforce the rule as such practices affect the image of the force.

The video that went viral shows a constable riding a patrol bike without helmet in Mumbai’s Bandra area. He was later recognised as Pandarinath Aldar of Nirmal Nagar police station of Bandra East. Some of the local residents of the area stopped him and argued for not wearing a helmet.

Later the local removed the key from Aldani’s bike and asked why should cops be allowed to break traffic rules when citizens are fined for every minor violation. After the heated argument the video footage shows the constable borrowing a helmet from a passer-by and after this the local gives him the keys back. this whole incident was recorded on a mobile phone and the video went viral which lead this circular.

Amitesh Kumar, joint police commissioner (traffic) said,

Policemen and policewomen who ride motorcycles have been ordered to be wear helmets at all times and follow other traffic rules.

In the meantime the locals who stopped the police constable were also booked on the charge of wrongful restraint and assault or criminal for to deter public servant from discharge of his duty. One of the officials said that despite repeated warnings some cops avoided wearing helmets and the newly issued circular has made the helmets compulsory and similar incidents are likely to stop now.

Recently in Pune, residents had protested very aggressively against a new rule that mandates the use of helmet for two-wheeler riders in the city. Citizens formed a new community by the name Helmet Sakti Virodhi Kruti Samiti. The heads of the community give various silly reasons for not wearing helmets like, the speed limit inside the city is 20 30 kmph so accidents are unlikely to occur. Some of them said that they have health problems after wearing helmets. They even argued that if Sikhs can be exempted from wearing helmets because of their turban, then Pune people should also start wearing turbans.

The crash helmet is one of the most important part of the safety gear that all two wheeler riders and pillions need to wear while on a motorcycle/scooter. Head injuries are a major cause of deaths in two wheeler accidents, and a crash helmet prevents head injuries by absorbing the force of impact. It’s stupid and dangerous to not wear a helmet while riding a two wheeler.