Type 1 Toyota Fortuner completely modified to look like Type 3 [Video]

Toyota Fortuner SUV has a huge fan following in India. It is currently the best selling SUV in its segment and there several owners who have first gen Fortuner in India. The main reason behind the popularity of Fortuner is its rugged looks and extremely reliable engine. Over the years, Toyota has increased the overall price of the Fortuner and top-end variant would easily cost you around Rs 60 lakh. If you don’t want to spend that much amount on Fortuner, there are used examples avaialble in the market. Aftermarket body kits and modifications are also available for Fortuner to give it a fresh look. Here we have a modification video where a type 1 Fortuner has been modified to look like type 3.

The video has been uploaded by Autorounders on their YouTube channel. In this video, a type 1 Fortuner arrives at the workshop for conversion work. The owner of the car wanted to convert the SUV into a type 3 model. Several customisations were done to the SUV to convert it into a type 3 model. The front-end of the SUV is completety revised to get the desired type 3 look. The owner mentioned that along with the front-end, he also wants the type 3 look for the rear as well. Getting type 3 rear look on a type 1 SUV is very hard and even if you get it, the look of the SUV is not going to be the same as the type 3.

The owner insisted on a type 3 look for the rear, so the garge worked on that as well. In the front portion, the fenders on type 3 Fortuner are different from type 1. Some modifications were made to ensure that the fenders stay in place. Similarly, some changes were made to get the bonnet and the bumper in place. The whole SUV was following a Dark Edition theme. Once the type 3 headlamps, bumper, grille and fenders were installed in place, the team started working on the rear. In order to achieve a type 3 like look at the rear, they made changes to the existing tail lights. They chopped some of the metal to install the sleeker looking tail lamps.

Type 1 Toyota Fortuner completely modified to look like Type 3 [Video]


Other than the addition of the new tail lamps, everything else about the rear profile of the Fortuner remains the same as before. There is an illuminated chrome applique on the tailgate which says Fortuner. We all can agree that the rear look of this SUV is not the best. Along with the exterior, interior of this SUV has also been customised. The owner wanted an all-black theme. The dashboard, seat covers were all finished in black. There is leather padding on the door pads and ambient lights have also been installed.

The seat covers are custom made units from Suede material. The roof liner gets galaxy star lights which can be controlled using a mobile phone application. A touchscreen infotainment system has been installed as well. The car was completely repainted in gloss black shade. The aftermarket alloy wheels on the SUV were also painted in black. The dents and minor scratches on the body panels were all fixed before painting the car. Overall, the final look of the car was brilliant and the owner was impressed as well.

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