Type 1 Toyota Fortuner neatly converted into Legender [Video]

The Toyota Fortuner is one of those SUVs that holds a legendary status in the market. It isn’t just a popular SUV in India, but it also enjoys popularity worldwide. Toyota has been offering the Fortuner in the Indian market for quite some time, and the major reason for its popularity is its exceptional reliability. We’ve encountered customers who have driven over 4 lakh km, and even after that, the SUV continues to work without any major issues. Most people who own the older generation of Fortuner are now opting for aftermarket body kits to transform its exterior appearance. In this video, we have an example of a Type 1 Fortuner that has been skillfully converted to resemble the Legender.

The video was uploaded by Autorounders on their YouTube channel. In the video, the customer drove his Type 1 SUV all the way from Andhra Pradesh to Pune for this modification. The SUV was not in great condition; it had several dents, and the customer had also wrapped the car in black. However, the customer had a clear vision of what he wanted: to convert the SUV into a Legender. As part of the conversion process, the front of the car was completely stripped down, with the headlamps, grille, bonnet, and fenders all removed.

These components were replaced with a high-quality imported Legender kit. The original Legender kit from Toyota is extremely expensive. After fitting the new panels as a trial, the entire car was taken to the paint booth and painted in black shade. The Legender model is only available in white with a black roof. However, the SUV in the video is actually painted in black and resembles the GR-Sport version that Toyota had released in India. The SUV now features all-LED headlamps, a new bumper, bonnet, and other parts. The alloy wheels on this SUV, however, remain stock.

Type 1 Toyota Fortuner neatly converted into Legender [Video]
Fortuner converted to Legender

Moving to the side profile, the ORVMs have been replaced with Type 3 units that now come with integrated turn indicators. Regarding the rear of the car, the owner wanted changes here as well. Converting the rear was a tricky process, and the workshop had to do some fabrication work to accommodate the tail lights. The video mentions that the rear bumper was also replaced with a Legender-type bumper. This was a first-time endeavor for a Fortuner, as it is a time and effort-consuming process.

However, the Legender bumper fits neatly and gives the car a clean appearance. The Type 3 or Legender tail lamps were also neatly integrated into the tailgate. The owner opted for interior customizations as well, including tan-colored leatherette seat covers, an aftermarket touchscreen infotainment screen, and custom-made floor mats. The steering wheel on this SUV has also been upgraded. Overall, the finished product looks very neat, and the customer’s satisfaction is clearly captured in the video at the end. He appeared extremely satisfied with the work. Mechanically, the Toyota Fortuner remains unchanged. The Fortuner does look like a new car and we really hope that the customer would upgrade the wheels as they look slightly out of place.

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