Type 1 Toyota Fortuner neatly modified to look like a Legender [Video]

Toyota Fortuner is one of the most popular SUV in its segment. Although, it is an expensive SUV people are not shying away from buying it. The reason behind that is the reliable engine, low cost of maintenance, and lack of other options. Many of them who are using the type 1 Fortuner SUV are still happy with the overall performance. Most of them would have easily clocked over a lakh km on the odometer. Many of these owners are bored by the looks of their SUV and in order to solve this issue, we have several workshops that convert or modify these SUVs. Here we have a type 1 Toyota Fortuner that has been neatly modified to look like a Legender.

The video has been uploaded by Autorounders on their YouTube channel. In this video, the owner dropped his type 1 Fortuner at the workshop for modification work. The SUV was looking very old on the outside and the interiors also had wear and tear. The owner wanted to convert his SUV into the Legender. Not only the exterior, the interior of this SUV was also customised as part of the conversion. The team started working on the SUV and they removed the front grille, front and rear bumper, headlamps, fenders and tail lamp from the SUV.

Before finalising the look, the workshop checks if all the new panels fit on the SUV neatly or not. Once they were satisfied with the fitting, they started working on rest of the car. The SUV had minor dents and scratches. They were all fixed using a dent puller machine and putty. This was done after removing the original paint on the SUV. The original colour of the SUV was silver and the owner wanted to repaint the SUV in gloss black shade. After the dents and scratches were fixed, a thin coat of putty was applied on the panels. The excess putty was later removed using a sander. Once this was done, the whole car was washed and then taken to the paint booth.

Type 1 Toyota Fortuner neatly modified to look like a Legender [Video]

A coat of primer was applied on the SUV before driving it into the paint booth. Here, the whole SUV was finished in gloss black and it was looking extremely good in this shade. The rear of the SUV was also converted to look like type 3 or Legender as per customer request. This conversion part involves fabrication as the design of Legender tail lamps are different from type 1 & type 2. The Legender headlamps and tail lamps were all installed on the SUV. The alloy wheels on this SUV are also different from the regular one.

The interior on this SUV was looking very old and the beige and black interiors were customised in black and red dual-tone shade. The steering wheel was now a Legender or type 3 unit and there are features like an aftermarket touchscreen, custom made dual-tone leather upholstery and so on. The finished product was looks very neat and it did not look like a type 1 Fortuner at all.