Type 1 Toyota Innova converted into type 4 – Looks unrecognizable [Video]

The Toyota Innova is one of the most popular MPVs in the country, and ever since its launch, no other MPV has come close to competing with it in the segment. Over the years, the Innova has gained a reputation for being one of the most comfortable and reliable cars. Despite being on the market for many years, a number of old models are still running strong. Recently, a video showcasing the restoration and conversion of a type 1 Innova into a type 4 model was shared on YouTube. In the video, this particular Innova has been transformed in such a way that it is unrecognizable as the same car.

The video of the type 1 Innova conversion was shared on YouTube by Autorounders on their channel. This shop specializes in these types of conversions of Toyota Innovas from across the country. They also offer this service, along with others, for many popular cars in India. In the video, the owner of the shop introduces the car and mentions that this particular type 1 Innova will be undergoing a full exterior and interior makeover and will be unrecognizable by the end of the video.

Following this, the video shows the “before” shots of the car, and afterwards, the technicians in the shop begin to disassemble parts such as the front and rear bumpers, bonnet, front fenders, and other small parts. After the dismantling process, they proceed with the dent removal process using special tools and equipment. They then start the bodywork by filling in bondo and glazing putty, and sanding it smooth for primer application. Moving on, they completely spray the car with primer before it is moved into the paint booth, where it receives a pearl white paint job.

Type 1 Toyota Innova converted into type 4 – Looks unrecognizable [Video]

After coming out of the paint booth, the car is reassembled, and the shop owner provides a summary of all the work done on this Innova. He mentions that people may question the difference in the number plate at the beginning of the video compared to the current one. He explains that the owner of this particular car is shifting to Karnataka, so the car has been registered in that state, resulting in a change of number plates.

The owner of the shop further explains that the car has been painted in a pearl white color, which is a more expensive option due to the additional cost of adding pearl to the paint, approximately 3-4 liters. He then proceeds to list all the parts that have been changed, stating that the entire front fascia has been replaced with the addition of the Alphard grille, custom LED headlights, and LED fog lamps. He also mentions that the front fenders have been replaced with type 4 fenders, along with the bonnet.

Type 1 Toyota Innova converted into type 4 – Looks unrecognizable [Video]

He then moves on to the biggest highlight of this car, which is its interior. He states that they have added leather seat covers for the first time, specifically custom upholstered for this particular Innova. The owner emphasizes that this new dual-tone interior has given the car a complete revamp, making it look extremely different from its previous state.

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