Type 1 Toyota Innova modified with custom made Lexus kit looks hot [Video]

Toyota is a brand name that is often associated with reliability. Their models like Qualis, Innova and Fortuner are known for being reliable and have a low cost of maintenance. Innova is actually so popular among buyers that even today there are many type 1 Innovas in our country that are running without any major problems. Many people who own first gen Innova have also modified it give it a fresh look. We have featured many of these cars on our website and here we have one such video where a type 1 Toyota Innova is neatly modified with a custom made Lexus body kit.

The video has been uploaded by Autorounders on their YouTube channel. Video starts by showing condition of the Innova when it arrived at the workshop. The car black colour Innova had several dents and scratches on it. The paint job on the car had also started to fade which made the car look quite old. As part of the conversion, the car was taken to the garage and all the panels like the bonnet, front grille, bumper (both front and rear), headlamps and tail lamps were removed.

Once than was done, the dents on the roof, door and other panels were corrected using dent puller machine. A coat of putty was applied on these areas to achieve an even look. The excess putty was sanded away as well. Once the work was done, the car was thoroughly washed and taken inside the workshop for further works. As the owner was looking for a new look for the car, he installed the custom made Lexus kit on the Innova. It is actually a single unit which consists on the grille and the bumper. The bumper on the Innova now looks a lot more muscular and has LED fog lamps in it.

Type 1 Toyota Innova modified with custom made Lexus kit looks hot [Video]

The large Lexus grille at the front has completely changed the stance of the MPV. The stock headlamps have been replaced with aftermarket LED projector units with integrated dual function LED DRLs. The bonnet and the front fenders on this Innova have also been replaced. Coming to the side profile, the alloy wheels on the Innova have been replaced with new units. Other than this, there is a side skirt installed which is a part of the Lexus kit.

The rear bumper on the Innova has been replaced with custom unit with faux twin tip exhausts. Other modifications include a set of aftermarket LED tail lamps and chrome applique between the tail lamps. Interiors on this Innova have also been customised, It now gets brown and black dual tone upholstery. The door pads get leather wrap and the steering wheel has been replaced with a unit seen in Fortuner. Ambient lights are installed on the dashboard and the doors and the car also gets Starlight roof. The owner has also gone for a an aftermarket touchscreen infotainment system. The whole car has been repainted in premium quality Black paint and the car looks brand new after all the work.