Type 2 Toyota Fortuner SUV modified with Lexus body kit looks beautiful [Video]

Toyota Fortuner is one of those vehicles which is popular among buyers for its reliability. There are several examples first generation Fortuner in India that have done lakh km on odometer and are working fine without any major issues. What Fortuner owners are doing now is that they are giving their SUV a fresh look by modifying the exterior and customising the interior. We have seen several examples of tastefully modified Fortuner SUVs from different parts of the country. Here we have type 2 Fortuner that has been neatly modified with an imported Lexus body kit.

The video has been uploaded by Autorounders on their YouTube channel. The video shows a type Toyota Fortuner from Karnataka. The car not in a good condition when it reached the workshop. It was missing a rear door cladding, there were dents and scratches on several body panels and even the bumper was damaged. The owner of the SUV wanted to get a fresh look for the SUV and they decided to install the Lexus body kit on it.

As part of the conversion, they start by removing the original bumper, front grille, headlamps, rear bumper and tail lamps. Once these panels were removed, the team started working on the dents and scratches on the body panels. There was a large dent on the door of the SUV. The original paint from the panel was removed completely and after than the dent was corrected using a dent puller machine. Other minor dents on the SUV were also corrected in similar style.

Type 2 Toyota Fortuner SUV modified with Lexus body kit looks beautiful [Video]

Once the dents were corrected, the surface was smoothened and sanding was done to the whole car. A thin layer of putty was applied on the panels to get shape and even look. Excess putty was also removed after to ensure that the layer remains thin while retaining the character lines. Once the putty work was done, the car was washed to remove dust particles. The inner portions of the door and other panels were all taped and the SUV was taken to the paint booth. An even coat of pearl white shade was applied on to the car in the booth. Paint booth helps them paint a car more efficiently and it also helps them get an even finish.

Once the car was painted, the imported front and rear bumper for the Fortuner were also painted. The workshop has used a premium quality paint and the broken rear door cladding was replaced as well. The front-end of the SUV now looks a lot more premium and the massive grille with chrome outline completely changed the stance of the car. The stock headlamps were replaced with aftermarket projector LED units with integrated LED DRLs. There were two other LED DRLs on the bumper as well. The alloy wheels on the SUV were already aftermarket when it came to the workshop. The tail lamps were stock and they were replaced with LED units too. The chrome garnish between the tail lights gets illuminated Fortuner letters and the rear bumper is also an aftermarket unit.

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